Wind, plain, energy

Published on Friday, 25 June 2021

The Azov plains of old are quiet and immense. The boundless kingdom of field flax stretches beyond the horizon, the wind sways ayuga, meadow buttercup, Don gorse and yellow acacia. The hot air is trembling, and it seems that the huge wind turbines that suddenly appear on the horizon are no more than a mirage. But no, they are real, brought to life by the efforts of hundreds of people.


The journey beginning

In 2017, we were awarded the right to build two wind power plants: in Rostov and Murmansk regions.

The Rostov Region is the Russia’s leader in wind power generation. Not only favorable natural conditions are the reason for it, but also attractive investment climate. The project for the construction of the Azovskaya WPP was included in the list of priority investment projects of the Rostov region - “the Governor's hundred”.

In May 2019, the agelong silence of the Azov plains was filled with the voices of people. The construction of the Azovskaya WPP started from the solemn First Stone Ceremony.

Azov wind farm – is not simply a wind power facility. It is another step towards decarbonization and transition towards a more sustainable generation portfolio. In July 2020 we comleted the sale of the coal-fired power plant – Reftinskaya GRES – in order to faster achieve the goal. And in 2022 we plan to commission Kolskaya WPP. 


Owing to the daily work of hundreds of people

The Shepherd’s Wild Turkey is the largest bird of the Don plain. Its wingspan reaches 2.5 meters. And the blades of wind turbines are 65.5 meters long. The weight of a single set is 20 tons! In total, there are 26 wind turbines on the territory of 133 hectares (which is equal to 29 Red Squares in Moscow).

For each, a foundation was poured, and access roads were built. The towers, each weighing 200 tons, came from Taganrog, the hubs and gondolas arrived from the Leningrad region.

Foreign specialists from Enel Green Power and professionals from Russia were involved in the construction of wind turbine towers.

The pandemic did not force the work to stop. It continued, while also respecting all established sanitary and anti-epidemic standards.


A true defender of the unique nature of Azov

On May 1, 2021, the construction of the Azov wind farm was completed. Giant wind generators, like warriors, lined up on the territory of the wind farm. Indeed, now they are on guard indeed: they protect the magnificent local nature.

The Don region has a unique combination of water and forest resources. Almost 600 species of animals and 27 species of plants are included into the Red Book of Rostov Region. Now all this wealth is protected from 260 thousand tons of carbon dioxide emissions, while people will get “green”, safe kilowatts in the amount of about 320 GWh annually.

Azovskaya WPP is a unique facility. It is the first wind power plant of the Unified Energy System of Russia, where the technology of remote control of both active and reactive power of generating equipment was introduced. Remote control makes it possible:

  • to effectively manage and optimize energy regimes of the Unified energy system of the South, quickly adjusting the voltage levels in the grids
  • to promptly service the wind farm without having to keep constant duty of operating personnel on it.

The grand opening of Azovskaya WPP was held on June 25, 2021. The event was attended by Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Aleksander Novak, Governor of the Rostov region Vasiliy Golubev, Italian Ambassador to Russia Pasquale Terracciano, Enel Russia’s General Director Stéphane Zweguintzow, Vice Chairman of the Eurasian Development Bank Executive Board Denis Ilin, and regional authorities.

“We are glad to welcome our guests at this historic moment for our company. Two years ago, we laid the first stone here and today we met together again to give an official start to the first Enel’s wind farm in Russia. I express my deep gratitude to all those who laid the foundation for renewable energy in the country, in the region, as well as to everyone involved in the construction of our first "green" generation facility.”

– Stéphane Zweguintzow, Enel Russia General Director

The Azov wind farm is the first one for Enel Group in Russia. Two more projects will be implemented soon: Kolskaya WPP and Rodnikovskaya WPP.

Guaranteed stable access to sustainable energy, a colossal reduction in environmental impact - that is why the development of renewable energy sources, in general, and wind farms, in particular, is so vital.