Taming the wind

Published on Friday, 19 March 2021

For the thousands of years, the wind has been roaming carelessly along the coast of the Azov Sea. “Bunent” blows from the north, “harbiy” - from the south, while “sukhovey-azovetz” - from the steppes.

Over time, people managed to tame the wind. Carefully and skillfully they directed the elements for the sake of people’s welfare and development.

The Azov wind farm, built by PJSC Enel Russia, is a new place for powerful and stable wind streams, which the Azov coast is famous for.

The first wind farm of our company, the Azov wind farm, has successfully passed all tests. All wind turbine generators (WTGs) were put into operation, complex tests of equipment were completed. The official opening of the wind farm will happen very soon.

The Azov wind farm is:

• 26 WTGs

• installed capacity of 90.09 MW

• 133 hectares of land (and this is an area larger than the territory of the Vatican City)

• 132 mln euro of investments

• avoiding CO2 emissions into the atmosphere in the amount of 250 thnd. tons per year (millions of cars emit this amount of CO2 every day)

So much has been done during almost two years of construction! Wind measurements were carried out, foundations were poured, access roads were erected, towers weighing 200 tons each, nacelles and hubs were delivered and installed. More than one real "special operation" has been carried out, for example, unloading of the blades with a length of 65 meters in the Azov port and transporting them through the city at night. Imagine a tall 20-story building. Blades of the same length were successfully delivered to the construction site.

Works at the wind farm did not stop even during the pandemic. Moreover, they were carried out in compliance with anti-covid standards.

The history of the Azov wind farm construction is coming to an end. The operation era of the Azov wind farm, bringing energy to the inhabitants of the Rostov region, begins. Gigantic white and red windmills rise high among endless fields, its blades slowly rotating. The landscape has changed, but the natural balance that has existed for thousands of years has not been disturbed.

Soon the first kilowatts, generated by Enel Russia from the green wind energy, will come to homes and schools, hospitals and theaters in the Rostov region. One more step has been taken towards the creation of a green energy system for our country and our planet.

The Azov wind farm will become the first power plant of Enel Russia to start generating green energy.