Miracle of life

Published on Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Once upon a time, there was a child. He had toys, attended clubs, visited entertainment centers. But more than anything, he loved turning into a wizard with his mom and dad. If you are a wizard, miracles are waiting everywhere! A plastic bottle turns into a warm fleece jacket, a tiny seed turns into a flowering plant, old newspapers turn into a blank sheet of paper.

Miracles? No. This child has parents who show him the fragility of this world, the value of familiar things. They also tell him about careful attitude to the gifts of nature.

Everyone can become such magicians, because children see the world through the eyes of their parents. You just need a little imagination and caring. And most importantly - the confidence that the future of our planet depends on us and our children.


Caring heart

How can I do this? Here are some very simple ways.

Respect for nature can be brought up in the same way as respect for elders, as the rules of personal hygiene and safety – from the first years of life.

When walking, show your child how important it is to take care of birds in winter, that plants cannot live without sunlight and heat, that rain, snow and fog are also water, that a tiny ant is the strongest creature on Earth.

How much joy and knowledge can bring a plant grown with your own hands! A pot of earth, a sprouted bean – you and your child will witness the birth of a new life.

Show your child an apple. Imagine that it contains all the water on Earth. Now cut off a tiny piece of it – that is how much fresh water there is in the whole world. Only 3% of all water resources.

Will we be able to treat water more carefully? Of course. If you buy a bright cup and fill it with water for brushing your teeth in the morning and in the evening, if you close the taps tightly so that water does not drip from them.

No cherries or plums grow on the apple tree. Each tree has its own fruit. There is no confusion and mess in nature.

It is easier to recycle garbage separately. Tell your child that a plastic bottle of juice drunk today will decompose in the ground when his grandchildren become adults, that the glass can lie in the soil for thousands of years and not disappear. One AA battery from his favorite robot pollutes the habitat of 1 hedgehog, 2 moles and thousands of earthworms at the same time.

But this will not happen if you collect garbage separately. Just spend 10 minutes a day for this, and we will free the planet for hundreds of years.

Do not miss community cleanup days and yard improvement days. When the child himself sweeps the sidewalk and removes the garbage, he will not want to litter on the street. 


Why from childhood?

Until the age of 10, a child receives about 80% of all knowledge from the outside world.

Middle and senior preschool age is the optimal time for laying the foundations of environment culture.

Specialists of PJSC Enel Russia regularly conduct classes on environmental literacy in kindergartens and schools. In these classes, children are taught why it is important to conserve the resources of our planet and how to take care of our common home with the help of daily healthy habits. Together with the enviornment specialists of the power plants, the children plant trees that become a symbol of their personal contribution to life on Earth.


Love teaches care and careful attitude

We teach children hygiene and neatness. Let us not forget that our entire planet Earth also needs cleanliness and order. It is up to us and our little helpers to support them.

The world around us is changing very quickly, sometimes irrevocably. Let us, together with our children, make every effort to ensure that life on our planet changes only for the better!