Green energy of Azov

Published on Friday, 30 April 2021

The landscapes of the Don region are endless steppes that fully come back to life in May, when a green carpet of herbs and flowers streches all the way up to the horizon.

In May 2019, the construction of Azovskaya WPP started. And on the first day of May 2021, Azovskaya WPP will begin generating "green energy". From now on, the winds of the Don region, together with 26 turbines, will generate 320 GWh per year.

The work of hundreds of people was converted into neat rows of ready-to-use wind generators.

The importance of the project was confirmed at the highest level: it was included in the list of Rostov region priority large investment projects “Governor’s hundred”. 90 MW Azovskaya WPP became the first completed renewable energy project of Enel Group in Russia. 

“Azovskaya WPP start of commercial operation is an important step for our company on the way of business transformation ensuring a lower carbon footprint.”

– Stephane Zweguintzow, PJSC Enel Russia General Director

And now the story of Azovskaya WPP construction is over. A new one begins now - the story of work for the benefit of the Rostov region and all of Russia. Azovskaya WPP was granted the right to sell its energy and capacity to the Russian wholesale electricity market.

We are grateful to our employees, colleagues and partners for their contribution to the construction of the wind farm. And we are proud to open a new page in the "green" generation of the company and the Rostov region.