Sharing innovation to change the world together

Published on Monday, 20 September 2021

This year Enel Group celebrates 5 years since the inauguration of the first Enel Innovation Hub in the world. The global network of hubs and labs has now expanded and made its mark in the most innovative countries worldwide: Israel, Russia, Chile, Brazil, Spain, Italy, North America. Working with a large number of start-ups and key stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem allows us to confidently move along the energy transition and implement the principles of sustainable development in the energy sector.

The Enel innovation ecosystem was born in Tel-Aviv on July 12th, 2016 and became a solid foundation for further activities of all the other Innovation Hubs. Now there is a global network of 10 Innovation Hubs and 22 labs spread out around the globe.

The global network of Enel Innovation Hubs has grown and evolved with the passing of time. What began as a small project became a new way of handling our day-to-day reality and of collaborating with problem solvers worldwide.

In Russia, the Enel Innovation Hub was opened in 2017 at the Skolkovo Technopark and became part of its ecosystem. Our innovation team in Russia studies and analyzes the country's innovation ecosystem in order to capture new trends, assess the potential of technologies, and foster innovation in the company's business processes. Enel Innovation Hub in Russia is a partner of various accelerators, participates in technological outtakes of startups in the field of energy efficiency, renewable energy, occupational safety, ecology, sustainable development, and also organizes bootcamps and pitch sessions to search for new technologies for specific business tasks and needs. Enel Russia innovation team also shares its expertise with aspiring entrepreneurs, students, experienced startups and acts as mentors on various projects in the innovation ecosystem.


Open innovability

“This unique approach to collaboration is impossible without people who are ready to share their knowledge, think bigger, ask questions and invent the solutions of tomorrow.”

– Olga Maslova, Manager of Enel Innovation Hub in Russia

The philosophy of working with innovations at Enel is based on Open Innovability. Companies can and should use outside ideas if they intend to develop their technologies and business.

Open innovation is an open vision of the future. The constant search for ideas and technologies is carried out through several channels at once: internal and external.

Enel Russia, on a competitive basis, has organized a constant collection of proposals for improving technological and business processes among the employees, which enables colleagues to launch their projects - and thereby contribute to the development of internal entrepreneurship. Since 2016, the company has registered more than 3.5 thousand proposals for improvements in the field of labor protection, ecology, operation and maintenance, recycling of materials, waste management, digitalization, culture and sports. Since the beginning of 2021, 575 proposals have already been submitted and 208 have been implemented.

External sources of knowledge and ideas for the company are presented by developers, research centers, universities, customers, competitors and companies with additional proposals.

Together and every day we are proving that Open Innovation and sustainability can come together to build a better world. Happy fifth birthday, Enel Innovation Hubs!