The Power of Green Generation

Published on Thursday, 21 May 2020

The mankind needs power. People successfully learnt how to use different natural resources for power generation -  coal, oil and natural gas and these fuels have been serving the mankind for many years.  
But power plants fired by these types of fuel make significant impact on the environment.
Nowadays, we all are living in a unique time - the time of energy transition. Changes may be scary, but energy transition is absolutely a new reality.

Just a flashback: 20 years ago we couldn’t even imagine a smartphone. Today, a modern person is unthinkable without a smartphone.  The same happens with new types of power plants fueled by renewable green energy sources. Some years ago  there were  relatively few green power plants but today It is exactly renewables that represent the majority of all new power plants around the world. Wind, sun, water flows, that are infinite sources of electric power, make no impact on the environment. The green energy transition is our way to thank the nature, to fulfill our obligation towards it.
Impressive Cargo for Ambitious Construction

Being one of the leaders of the energy transition, Enel Russia is working on three wind farm projects. In the South we are constructing the Azov Wind Farm. On May 15, Azov WPP construction project reached an important milestone. The first batch of the equipment reached the construction site - towers and hubs were delivered.

These assemblies, powerful and fascinating, offer a truly striking view. See for yourself: the wind generator tower equals to a 28-floor skyscraper! Its nacelle weights 65 tons and its hub is 35 tons, which all together give us a weight of 50 passenger cars.

And seemingly the most impressive WTG parts are to arrive to the future WPP site soon: the blades which are as big as the width of football pitch are on the way. At the soonest, these huge wings will be mounted to the wind generator, several tens of meters above the ground, and will begin their swift rotation.

It took a lot of effort to deliver the colossal cargo on site. It required access roads to be constructed capable of carrying heavy cargo. For ground transportation of magnificent towers, the route to the construction site was arranged to ensure unhindered transportation by long-length vehicles.  

Environmentally-friendly Power for Development

Rostov region is rich in environmental potential combining unique water and forest resources and favorable climate conditions. Its territory hosts 70 natural monuments, 7 protected areas, natural park, biosphere reserve, federal level nature-sanctuary.

Azov WPP will provide the region with additional electric power while ensuring environmental safety. The WPP will generate 320 GWh annually avoiding 250 000 tons of CO2 emissions. It means the region will get another important source of energy while being respectful to environment, to the Don natural beauty and riches.