In the name of unity

Published on Monday, 1 June 2020

What can unite people who, by the will of circumstances, are disconnected in countries and continents? Perhaps faith and support of each other.

On the eve of the 74th anniversary of the Italian Republic, our Konakovskaya power plant is lit up in Italian and Russian tricolors to signify a perfect union between our peoples.  The solid and solidary friendship between our peoples was the first response to an unprecedented emergency situation.

Pandemic of coronavirus Covid-19 has pulled us away from each other. While self-isolated, we can’t visit our relatives, meet up with friends, go sightseeing. We stopped travelling and business trips got reduced to zero.

One of the key aspects of Enel Group philosophy is Open Power. We are always open for new technologies, opportunities, ideas, people and countries.

Enel Group is present on five continents of the Earth, in 32 countries. Its headquarters is in Italy, which is famous for respect of friendship and communication.

We understand why personal contacts should be restricted, but in our thoughts, aspirations and plans for the future we are still as open as before.


Mutual support and cooperation

We are glad that countries of Enel Group presence are consolidating their efforts to combat the pandemic and support each other.

Pasquale Terracciano, Ambassador of Italy in Russia, addressed Russians as openly as possible. He frankly told about what was going on in Italy, about all the problems and hardships.

In its turn, the Russian Government expressed its assistance to the Republic of Italy by sending over ten Russian Aerospace Forces aircrafts with military virologists and doctors onboard as well as counter-coronavirus equipment.

Pandemic has united people. Citizens of different countries are supporting each other, they make videos and online translations of their life in lockdown, share information and cheer each other up.


Pandemic did not stop the friendship

We do not stay on the sideline. In our reaction to the COVID-19 situation development we readjust projects of our annual support and development program for local communities in order to provide assistance to the regions of presence.
Many facilities of Enel Group install illumination with the colors of Italian flag as a sign of mutual support.

Enel Russia joins the campaign. During the night from June, 1 to June, 2, chimneys of our Konakovskaya GRES lit up with colors of Italian flag, while the power plant building had Russian-flag illumination.

The three chimneys, two of them 180 meters and one 250 meters high, will be lit up with twenty 2 KW lamps equipped with special red, white or green filters, each representing the color of the Italian flag.

The Russian flag, 8 meters high and 16 meters wide, will be illuminated with 12 LED lamps, 100 W each, which are colored with the Russian tricolor. This campaign is a reminder that enduring Russian-Italian friendship has not stopped during the pandemic and, probably, has become even stronger.

On the one hand, Covid-19 has separated us from each other, but on the other hand, we feel more united because of common circumstances. We experience similar emotions while doing routine tasks. People of different nationalities learnt more about life of each other, when found themselves in a similar situation, they learnt to understand each other better after facing similar problems.

There are no shut down borders in our hearts, we believe that the situation will teach us to appreciate the inspiration we receive from in-person communication, smile and friendship of a friend or a colleague standing by our side. At least, we will preserve and retain this appreciation through all the obstacles. The situation will teach us to take better care of each other.