Further Step to Successful Future

Published on Friday, 31 January 2020

When we use water, light, internet, buy domestic appliances, furniture, clothes, cars, we don’t think that we spend a lot of natural resources. We are aware that natural resources are finite, we are aware about environmental problems, climate change but do we understand that every one of us contributes to these changes both negatively and positively?

We are aware that the humanity is on the brink of the fourth industrial revolution. Classic linear economy gives way to closed-cycle economy or circular economy.

The new economy type stems from careful and wise attitude towards the available natural resources through maximization of consumption effectiveness and minimization of wastes and pollution. A well-designed chain of actions turns almost every generated waste into a resource for another production process.

Today many countries are incorporating circular economy principles into their national strategies. List of these countries keeps growing.

Awareness is just the first step. We implement circular economy principles through real actions.

Principles in deeds rather than in words

In our activity we are guided by the following important directions.

Sustainable resources. We reduce water consumption and heat rate. We cut the volume of secondary resources. We are looking for adequate reuse and recycling opportunities. For example, we collect scrap metal and waste paper and get it recycled, we practice separate collection of wastes, we sell or give free of charge the functioning equipment and materials no longer required for production process.

Increased product life
We believe that product life can be extended. And we do our best to do this: competent design, quality service, timely maintenance. When we replace details and assemblies, we try to select the reparable ones instead of replaceable with no possibility to repair.

Product as a service
If possible, we replace product with a service. In doing so, we save a lot of resources without compromising on quality. Technical means allow to provide services which are much more suitable than the product itself. For example, payment can be done not for the supply of equipment as such, but for actual hours of its operation, as it is the case with air conditioning systems or with our global energy supply services which include also installation of smart meters to increase energy consumption efficiency for the end-users of the service.  

End of life
It may be surprising for you, but almost for every product with expired life there can be found an alternative other than the dump site: reuse or recycling.

Economy of the future depends on us

As surprising as it may seem, every one of us can make impact on the new economy system through simple actions.

You ask how? By changing our daily habits and mindset. For instance, to use a product or a service jointly: carsharing, short-term apartment renting, etc. Please, refuse impulsive consumption and purchases. In fact, comfortable life requires much less than what we own. You probably would agree that lots of things which we have we only use for a short time or don’t use at all.

You can analyze what your wastes are composed of and decide what can be recycled instead of being dumped. At least, plastic, paper, scrap metal and textile are recyclable.

Support our commitment to a more efficient consumption! Our principles can be easily integrated in everyday life. Actions of everyone are important to preserve our planet, its valuable resources and natural beauty for future generations.