Caring for the planet starts with small steps

Published on Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Once there lived a teddy bear, and then its owner, a small girl, no longer needed it, so it was thrown away. There was an old armchair in the room, it seemed still good, but people badly want a new, modern one – so it was also thrown away. And the wardrobe was already outdated, should we really keep all such stuff at home? Believe it or not, about 7,000,000 tons of clothes are thrown away in the world every year. This is the weight of 130 thousand military tanks! This is how much unnecessary clothes is sent to landfill.

Many things surround us all the time. We buy them, use them, throw them away, and start the cycle once again. Estimate how efficiently, carefully and delicately do you use things? According to Rosprirodnadzor, today the ratio of waste per inhabitant in Russia is more than 400 kg every year, this is more than 1 kg every day!

We believe that things should be bought wisely, used efficiently, and disposed of correctly. This is the only way that can help to reduce waste and to preserve resources and nature for future generations.

We are commited to reducing waste and we set ambitious goals for this matter

Zero Waste is the environmental goal of Enel Russia energy company, which implies a constant search and implementation of new technologies and solutions aimed at reducing waste production and ensuring their disposal, excluding waste disposal by simple incineration or sending to landfills in the regions of the Company's presence. This goal is based on the principles of careful attitude to the planet's resources, their conscious consumption and the implementation of circular economy pillars to ensure the sustainable development of the Company in harmony with the environment and the local community.

In order to inspire you, we will tell you about one of the implemented initiatives of the Company. Since the autumn of 2020, Konakovskaya GRES has stopped sending plastic waste to landfills, including plastic PPEs (helmets, goggles, etc.). To draw the attention of power plant employees and contractors to the need to ensure the separate collection of plastic waste, an environmental campaign was launched to collect protective helmets for their further disposal. Employees of the power plant and contractors brought old, broken, expired helmets, which, after processing by a specialized contractor (separation of plastic and fabric elements of helmets), are transferred for disposal to a recycled polymer production factory in Tver.

The factory produces secondary plastic raw materials from plastic waste, which is used locally for the production of step-tape, and is sold to manufacturers of various commercial products from polyester fabric for the production of textile products (jackets, pillows, etc.) to geotextiles, which are used in road construction. During the campaign, 286 participants collected about 600 helmets, which is more than 180 kg of plastic. Now it is a permanent practice at the power plant, that helmets and plastic of any kind are accumulated separately from other types of waste in specialized labeled containers and transported for recycling.

Begin to act responsibly towards nature, because this is the future

Any big common action starts with a small contribution of each participant. Do not stand aside, take the first step towards responsible consumption and caring for nature, develop ecological habits. For example, if you have accumulated a lot of clothes that you have not worn for several years, do not rush to throw it away. Find out if there is a social warehouse or shelter for homeless people nearby that will be happy to receive it. There is also an increasing number of recycling companies using old clothing as rags or raw materials for other products.

And in order to help you better understand this issue, to show you other useful environmental habits and to train them for practical application in everyday life, we have developed an exciting game "The Life of Things". Follow the link

Take the first step towards a responsible future!