Charged with happiness

Published on Monday, 23 December 2019

Despite the cold winter weather, we all love the holiday season. Let us think what actually makes this period so magical? The answer is simple – our family and friends, the time we spend around them, the possibility to travel or even get some good sleep. But would these days be filled with the same amount of joy, if the cities and homes were not decorated with beautiful Christmas trees, bright lights, toys, etc.? And who makes sure the lights are lit, the houses are warm? Of course, the power engineers.

We celebrate the Energy Day on the 22nd of December for a reason – this is day is the shortest and the night is the longest in the year.

The Energy Day is a very special day for us all not only because we work in the this field but also because we cannot imagine our lives without energy in every sense of this word.


Sustainability with care

Keep in mind the importance of caring for the environment, we continue to develop projects in the field of green power.

We launched the construction of the Kola Wind Farm (201 MW) project this year- the largest wind farm in Russia beyond the Arctic Circle.

And we started the construction of the Azov wind farm. After its commissioning, there will be supplied about 300 GWh of net electricity to the Russian energy system per year, and around 260 thousand tons of carbon dioxide will not get into the atmosphere. Such emission would be inevitable under traditional generation.

Our portfolio of green projects was enriched with another asset - we got the right to build the Rodnikovskaya wind farm (71 MW) in the Stavropol Krai.

As we evolve, we remember that safety is at the heart of all processes. This applies not only to the planet level, but also to each of our employees. Safety is not only a culture for us, it’s more. It is a way of life, the responsible behavior not only at work, but also in everyday life.


New Year’s Eve – the holiday of the future

At the end of each year, we summarize the results and make plans for the future. And what is the future without innovation? This year, we have been partners of major competitions in the field of science-intensive and innovative projects: for the first time we participated in the Startup DAY 2019 in Tomsk,  organized by the Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF), we selected the best startup in the field of thermal generation, acted as a partner and tracked interesting innovative solutions on Energy Breakthrough-2019, a competition , organized by Skolkovo and PJSC Rosseti, aimed at the search for innovative projects.

Enel charges the young and talented people, and they, in turn, charge us with new ideas and promising endeavors. Our search for talent is wide and unlimited. We can get ideas from enterprises, researchers, non-profit organizations, our employees, start-ups, regardless of age, team size and experience. For example, a ninth-grader Alexander Izmailov, who took part in the Startup Day 2019 in Tomsk, got one of our prized for his project “Affordable Hologram (VIR)”.

We also support the brightest students and teachers of energy colleges and leading universities of Russia: UFU named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin, MGIMO of the Ministry of Foreign

Affairs of Russia, the Russian State University of Justice, the Institute for Energy Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences etc.


Innovations help us build the future

In addition to energy solutions, Enel introduces innovative decisions to a wide range of customers. We continue to develop and implement intelligent technologies for the “smart city”. For example, 2019 brought the first 17 charging stations for Enel X electric cars appeared in Chelyabinsk, Primorsky Krai and Skolkovo.

All our projects and discoveries are aimed at people, each of you. We believe that the world will only get better and we see many wonderful changes in the future. May the New Year charge each of us with energy, new ideas and plans, which will all come true!