The Order of Friendship

Published on Tuesday, 5 November 2019

For over 14 years, Russia has been celebrating a special day on November 4th: the National Unity Day, which is intended to emphasize that only being cohesive and following unified commitment to achieve a common goal it is possible to build a strong State. And outstanding personalities play the most important role in the achievement of this goal. That is why it has become a good tradition to award them the Order of Friendship State Award on November 4th, both Russian and foreign citizens.  


On this day, a solemn ceremony in the Kremlin was held for the Order of Friendship awarding to those who contributed to the development and strengthening of the country. 

CEO of the Enel Group Francesco Starace was recognized for “special merits in reinforcing peace and cooperation between nations, introducing environmentally friendly technologies and developing international economic relations in industry.”

The Award was presented by Russian President Vladimir Putin.  

The Order of Friendship of the Peoples of Russia, as it is called in a different way, is a sign of recognition for building fruitful relations between countries and strengthening Russia’s position in the international community. It is awarded to both Russian and foreign citizens, including for success in various sectors of the economy. 

During its existence from 1994 to the present day, more than 470 personalities from 58 countries in the world became cavaliers of this Order. 

“It is a great honor to be awarded the Order of Friendship by the President of the Russian Federation personally and on behalf of all the colleagues of Enel Russia. The reception of this award once again emphasizes the significance of the Russian-Italian cooperation, experience exchange and ongoing interaction during implementation of joint projects, as well as confirming that Enel Group’s strategy aimed at energy transformation and sustainable development gains high awards”

– Francesco Starace, CEO of the Enel Group

Francesco Starace has been heading Enel Group since 2014. Enel Group  is the largest company in Italy and  leading utility in Europe in terms of market capitalization.

Enel Group currently owns 56.47% shares of Enel Russia. It all started in 2007, when Enel bought the first share of the Russian Energy Company.  During this time, Enel has commissioned modern CCGT units with a total capacity of 820 MW at Sredneuralskaya GRES (Sverdlovsk region) and at Nevinnomyskaya GRES (Stavropol region), thus fulfilling the commitment to implement the investment program in Russia. the Company replaced most part of the gas treatment equipment at the Reftinskaya GRES, thereby improving the environmental performances of the power plant. At this power plant, the Company introduced for the first time in Russia the Dry Ash Removal System, which replaced conventional hydraulic method of ash removal used before at the coal power plant with a new “dry” method. Since recently, the Company is actively developing renewable energy projects on the Russian market. The company is performs construction of three wind farms: in the Rostov region - Azov wind farm (90 MW), in Murmansk region - Kola wind farm (201 MW), in Stavropol region - Rodnikov wind farm (71 MW).

The power sector’s transformation and sustainable development are the key areas of the company’s. It is guided by principles of sustainable development, innovative production through the use of environmentally friendly technologies, decarbonization of its activity with special focus on social responsibility and sustainability

Moreover, the company actively develops such innovative areas as infrastructure for electric vehicles, power storage, demand response, smart grids – everything that makes the power sector a driver of the country’s economy development within the framework of the energy strategy the Russian Federation is adhered to.


*Foto and video from the ceremony taken from website