Call for innovation

Published on Friday, 29 November 2019

Digital technologies and innovation solutions have become integral part of everyone's life. With just a few clicks we can buy things, turn on the heating at home or instantly send an important message halfway around the world. And you can do it from all over the world, it doesn't matter where you are, either on the ground or high up in the air.  

The human technology needs are growing. These needs are growing for the business as well. New technology solutions and innovation are of utmost importance for the modern business. Enel is working hard to maintain its position as an energy transition leader. That is why we have 10 innovation hubs all over the world. We have always been in search for new technology solutions, business models and ideas.

Moscow is the "homeland" of the sixth Enel Innovation Hub. Head of Moscow Innovation Hub Olga Maslova truly believes that Russia has a great innovation potential. Since 2009, Skolkovo Innovation Center has become one of the world's largest innovation centers, and Enel Innovation Hub Russia is a part of the technology ecosystem of Skolkovo. This allows us to maximize our influence within the innovation ecosystem.

We bring together talents from all over Russia looking for the innovation solutions

Enel Innovation Hub together with Russian Venture Company (RVC) held the innovation projects competition named "Call for Innovation". It is not a mere coincidence that RVC was elected as a partner. Russian Venture Company plays an important role in stimulating development of the venture market and innovation ecosystem. In its turn, RVC launches similar competition involving an international energy company for the first time, where Enel has been elected as a partner.

The competition involved not only the teams from Moscow and Saint Petersburg, the largest Russian cities, but from many other towns and cities of our country and the CIS. More than 180 startups submitted their requests for participation in the program. 151 of them passed primary expert examination, after that 29 startups were introduced to our colleagues. 5 of them presented their solutions at the final boot camp in Rome. We are convinced that every participant has their chance: whether you are an experienced and coordinated development team or people taking their first steps but having fresh eye and out-of-the-box approach to solving task set by the company. And the course that was held has convinced us of it.

“Selection carried out was intensive and very productive. We are impressed that we saw a lot of interesting ideas, some of them will be brought to life. I would like to particularly note that Enel is the first international energy company that held a joint competition with RVC. The selection results showed that the Russian innovation ecosystem has a great future.”

– Head of Enel Innovation Hub Russia Olga Maslova

The winning projects can have a real chance to be brought to life

We are grateful to all the participants for the projects they sent and we are ready to give a brief introduction of startups that passed all the stages of the competition reaching the finals. These projects were introduced in Rome on November 18, 2019.

In-Pipe Robot - a robot for inline inspection.

CYCLOPS software package provides analysis of the videostream coming from the production sites for prompt response to possible violations of safety rules and equipment operating procedures. The product is based on the computer vision technology with intelligent violation recognition.

Multifunctional nanoceramic protective coating Kavaca Industrial extending the service life of equipment.
Mass-produced development of computer vision system Warden Machinery for various industrial applications: video content analysis at the existing video surveillance infrastructure.

SKAUT Group - integration of AI technology for automatic detection of unsafe conditions and driver behavior (distraction, falling asleep, phone usage, etc.). Apart from drivers, the system can be applied at production plants and hazardous facilities.

Your idea has a chance too

Advanced technologies provide everyone with a lot of opportunities but require that we be more responsible for keeping our planet clean. With this in mind, Enel pays special attention to innovation that allows making heat generation cleaner, more efficient and safer.

Together with the Russian startup projects, Enel will become the leader in the energy revolution. We have always been open to innovation and we are convinced that Russia has a lot of talents.  We welcome new ideas and we are ready to implement, develop and discuss the best of them. By the way, your idea has a chance too!

Startups can send messages to the platform:

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Not only startups can suggest their ideas to us. Small and medium-sized businesses, research workers, nonprofit organizations, social entrepreneurs and our employees can do it as well.