Energy of uniqueness

Published on Monday, 12 August 2019

Modern children live in a world of constant flux of information. It makes their knowledge to start expanding very early. What they know and what they can do exceeds many times what their peers knew and could do several decades ago. That’s why when kids face a practical problem they learn to apply a creative solution to it.  

Enel creates the environment encouraging development of kids’ creative abilities whose new ideas accelerate the path towards sustainable future. One of the communication tools which helps to exchange ideas, express yourself and discover new things is the We are Energy project.   

It is an international contest which for the last 15 years has been gathering together kids aged 8-17, whose parents work in Enel around the globe: from Argentina to Spain, from Russia to Costa Rica, from Romania to Peru. The award is a trip to the International Campus in Italy. 

«As Unique as U» - moto of this year contest - offered the participants to explore the distinctive features of diversity and to get a better understanding of their own uniqueness and uniqueness of others, to turn thoughts into stories and ideas and to treat any individual differences with respect and attention. Younger kids composed fairytales and wrote stories explaining how differences can become common value and asset. Older kids suggested their own startups. These unique stories and ideas are the source of general energy. 

On July 14, 2019, 132 project winners got off to the International Campuses. Children aged 7 to 14 went to Umbria, teens aged 15 to 18 went to Catania. During their stay children were creating video games, played sports and art, had guided tour to Rome and were just having fun. It is not the first time when Enel employees’ children with the brightest ideas and out-of-the-box thinking spent almost two summer weeks filled with creative energy, learning and fun together with peers from around the world. 

“I really loved the trip, especially development of video games and swimming in the pool. I met new friends, Vitalik and Nikita, and I also communicated with guys from other countries in English. I definitely will participate in We are Energy next year”

– Georgy Zhidkov, 8

The trip culminated with the Award Ceremony held in Rome on July, 24. 

The Russian teen team stood out by presenting their thoroughly developed, original and hand-made project “Edible tableware” to their global peers.

“We are Energy is the opportunity to express yourself, make new friends and experience positive emotions! ”

– Boris Prokhorov, 17

In the Campus kids joined a creative community where, provided with new tools, they created a collection of fun and interactive stories and projects which helped them to discover how different and, at the same time, unique mentalities and interests of people may be, how peculiar is everyone of us and therefore to fully grasp the diversity of the world and to come in on the process of continuous creativity.