#Be Safe: safety measures will keep you out of danger

Published on Monday, 1 July 2019

In early April we launched the #BeSafe campaign: talking about Health and Safety projects in place at our power plantsabout initiatives, arranged a blogging tour and a press tour to Konakovskaya GRES to demonstrate health and safety rules in practice.  

In the meantime, campaign shone a spotlight on the need to follow safety rules at home, in every day life.  

“For us, safety is not just a word, it is the entire behavioral philosophy and even lifestyle. This single mechanism, this integral system comprises lots of simple components: safe operation of equipment, safety of each worker, safe food, safe commute back home”

– Carlo Palasciano Villamagna, Director General of Enel Russia

Our homes, whether it is a detached house or an apartment, seem to be the safest place to all of us. Because there we create friendly and accommodating atmosphere with our own hands. However, this impression might be false because at home, as well as at the manufacturing facility, there is more than one way to get hurt. 

In a blink of an eye our daily “assistants” - domestic appliances, without which we can hardly imagine our life, can turn into a dangerous “enemy”. To avoid this, you need to keep in mind safe use rules. For instance, do you always remember that you should not be using a failed device of a wet device? Or do you use such devices on automatic pilot without any second thoughts?  Do you tell your children about multiple hazards at home and outside? 

We are taught basics of safety as early as at school and kindergarten but, unfortunately, many do not take the rules seriously at such a young age. What is your takeaway from school safety lessons? Simple keeping these things in mind is not enough, you should instill these simple, but yet useful skills of being safe, healthy and keep your property intact into your children. And by the way, into your friends and family. Keep reminding them.

Every employee of our Company knows that safety starts with you: no jaywalking, fasten your seatbelt. Safety in our daily life and at the manufacturing facility is our common task, that’s why every day we demonstrate safe behavior and lead by example. To maximize the effectiveness of the process we arrange regular health and safety projects at our power plants. 

Do you want to check how good you are in personal and industrial safety culture? Please take part in our short quiz. Let’s start!