Today's safety is sustainable tomorrow

Published on Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Every day of our life is filled with events, news, emotions, feelings. We strive to make our life more interesting and increase its quality. 

But how many of us try to make it safer? 

Safety, in its broadest sense, is one of the preconditions for effective fulfillment of our goals. Industrial safety is not the only type of safety concerned, it also includes safety in our everyday activities, which many of us do automatically. 

When we drive, do sport, cook dinner, cross the road or help our kids to cross the road, compliance with safety rules has an impact on our lives as well as on safety and security of those around us. 

And if your job entails lots of hazardous industrial factors, the 24/7 safety rule becomes something more that just your motto - it becomes your mindset and behavior model.

“Corporate culture and operational discipline are based on the supreme value of safety and environment. Management should be the leading example of compliance with these principles. Company employees are encouraged through involvement into health and safety and environmental matters. “Consider safety before you get to work” – this phrase should become the leading motto for those who step into the territory of our power plants”

– Carlo Palasciano Villamagna, General Director of PJSC Enel Russia

Why health and safety is our No. 1 priority?  

For several years by now one of our power plants bears a poster which says “Your family is waiting for you at home”. Your family wants you to be safe and sound. When working safely, a person understands value of his own life as well as value of lives of others. 

Every day several thousands of employees and contractors are involved into the health and safety projects which have been carried out for years at our power plants. 

Here are just some of them: Lighting, Modular-type Scaffolding, Protection systems and LOTO locks, Intrinsic Equipment Safety, Safety Hot Line, SHE 365. 

At the same time there are special initiatives which are aimed at attracting particular attention to health and safety issues; some of them usually are carried out right before the International Workers' Memorial Day. 

This year our initiatives were launched on April, 1 with all the power plants starting the month with the Week of Safety which involves employees and contractors who are engaged in any kind of works and services at the power plants. 

Special safety walks, follow-up meetings on safety measures, discussions of safety procedures for a particular type of works considering safe behavior of everyone, works termination rules, Safety Days focusing on clean and tidy workplace and surrounding areas, - these are just few of the additional initiatives where employees will be involved. 

“Starting from 2011 Enel Russia annually confirms effective operation of the Integrated Management System of Health and Safety and Environment which includes Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS 18001:2007), Industrial Safety, Environment (ISO 14001:2015),Quality (ISO 9001:2015).”

We constantly work on improvement of the Integrated Management System of Quality, Health and Safety and Environment increasing quality of process management and awareness of health and safety risks as well as making the interaction between local and global units better, promoting responsible behavior of employers while endorsing and improving environmental standards applicable to heat and power generation.

The best guarantee that a person will come back home safe is compliance with safety rules, consciousness and personal responsibility of employees, genuine interest, motivation and safe conditions created by the Company.