Looking for new technologies

Published on Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Have you ever heard common saying that laziness drives the progress? Do you agree with it? 

As far as we are concerned, not really. Laziness does not encourage people to invent new gadgets, introduce disruptive technologies, improve communication tools. Most of the inventions aim to improve quality of life today and preserve our planet for the future generations. 

Today we are working on alternative energy, sharing international experience in e-vehicle charging infrastructure development. While developing existing fields of knowledge and implementing best practices, we look for new disruptive technologies available for implementation, which can boost production efficiency. 

That’s why at the end of March we went to Tomsk to visit the TOMSK Startup DAY 2019 organized by the Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF). This place has become a traditional annual platform where budding IT-entrepreneurs with their bright ideas can catch investors’ attention and present their projects to a broader audience. This year 26 ideas were presented at the event ranging from event-platform to automated airport management system. 

Our main task was to find interesting projects in the key areas of Thermal Generation and Digital Solutions. We also prepared an award for the Best Thermal Energy Start-Up - visit to one of the Enel Russia Power Plants. Our award was given to Alexandr Ismailov, ninth-grade student, who developed a project called “Holographic Image for All (VIR)”.

“Our Company appreciates innovative ideas noticing the need to implement them into the energy area. This competition allows major players to get to know the start-ups and their new decisions. I wanted to rock the scene at the conference but my voice during the presentation betrayed me and showed I was nervous; I had only one minute to talk about the project. It was my fault. My parents didn’t quite get what happened when I told them about the excursion arranged by Enel and about my success at the Startup Day Conference”

– Alexandr Ismailov, developer of the Holographic Image for All (VIR) Project

This year we will certainly organize a guided tour for Alexandr and give him an introduction on how heat and electricity are produced. After the excursion the young inventor might have new interesting ideas on where to apply his solution. 

One more competition in the field of high-tech and innovative projects, for which our company acts as a partner, is Energy Breakthrough 2019. The purpose of the competition is to search for new technologies and business solutions in order to improve the efficiency of grid companies and to implement the strategy of electric grid complex development. 

Here we will follow interesting innovative solutions to be able to implement them. 

Call for applications began on April 18th. The first edition of the Energy Breakthrough competition was held in 2013. Since the beginning, 30 winning projects have been selected for pilot implementation at the facilities of the Rosseti Group, 18 projects are being replicated. It is assumed that this year the competition will feature about 400 applications. Applications from the participants of Energy Breakthrough 2019 will be accepted until the end of June. The winners will be announced at the beginning of December during the Electrical Grids 2019 forum. 

After our company began to be the partner of this competition, Energy Breakthrough 2019 acquired an international scale.

“Our Company appreciates innovative ideas noticing the need to implement them into the energy area. This competition allows major players to get to know the start-ups and their new decisions. Our experts will be actively involved into the process of selection of the best and relevant business decisions. They will also share their knowledge and recommendations with young specialist in energy sector, young scientists and representatives of innovative companies”

– Carlo Palasciano Villamagna, General Director of PJSC Enel Russia

In October 2017, the first Enel innovation hub was inaugurated at Technopark Skolkovo LLC in Moscow. If you have innovative technologies and breakthrough solutions that can be implemented to increase production efficiency along the principles of sustainable development, we are ready to meet you.