Wizards among us

Published on Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Have you ever wondered why the Day of Power Engineer and New Year are so close to each other?

December 22 has the shortest day, the longest night and the longest midday shadow in the Northern Hemisphere. The next day we enjoy a bit longer hours of daylight, day by day it increases by seconds. Nature is still deep in its winter sleep, the sun stays above the skyline longer with every day and gives us hope it will become warmer and lighter soon. It has always been and will continue to be this way. A man has no command of the course of nature. 

However, there are people who help us to make it till Mother Nature wakes up and shakes off her winter sleep. They work hard to make sure our homes are warm and lightened, but we especially appreciate their work when it is a long and chilly winter night. Are they wizards? - you may wonder. Well, yes, they are wizards to some extent. But today they are called power engineers. They are able to take over from cold and darkness by giving heat and light to people.

“Behind roaring turbines, behind every kilowatt-hour of power are people who day and night, regardless of season and weather ensure generation, transmission and distribution of power”

Launch of our three power plants was timed to coincide with the Day of Power Engineer and New Year

We provide reliable and safe electricity and heat generation for consumers who live in Ural, Southern and Central regions of Russia. Did you know that our power plants celebrate their birthdays not long before and after the Day of Power Engineer and New Year? RGRES celebrates its birthday on December 21, SGRES - on January 6 and KGRES - on January 10. 

That’s why the Day of Power Engineer is the day when we pay tribute to pioneers and veterans who took part in power plant construction at different points in time, commissioned units and did their best to make it possible for us to have warm houses and colorful Christmas lights.

Shiny fairy lights take people walking on the streets into a wintry wonderland and make us step back and think of the year flashed by, make plans for the future and believe a miracle may happen. 

“The most important thing is to learn to accept changes in a world that is constantly changing. If we learn to manage difficulties, we can achieve our goal. I wish you good luck, success and inspiration. May the upcoming holidays bring warm moments, happiness and joy to you and your loved ones! ”

– Carlo Palasciano Villamagna, Enel Russia General Director

A man is able to conquer cold and darkness by giving others heat and light - isn’t it a miracle?  It proves that everyone can work its own tiny miracle. All it takes is a dream and actual steps to make it come true.

May your homes to be warm and cozy and your hearts to be filled with light and peace!