#ToghetherBrighter: our energy in new regions

Published on Thursday, 20 September 2018

In 2017 the map of Enel presence in Russia was added with Rostov region. We are going to develop new type of energy generation in this new region - wind generation.

Blazing sun, warm wind gusts - everything creates atmosphere of southerly calm, hospitable and relaxed life. We decided to get to know the people of the region better, to tell them about our activity, the windfarm to be built in Azov region by the end of 2020, about principles of sustainable development which are crucial for us.

The All-Russia Festival of Energy Saving #TogetherBrighter provided us with a great opportunity. It was organized in September in one of Rostov parks at the left bank of the river on the same day when the City Day was celebrated.

“This is not the first year when our company takes part in the all-Russia Energy Efficiency Festival #ToghetherBrighter in the regions where power plants are located. We wholeheartedly support promotion of the energy efficiency concept among the communities of our presence. In addition to that, the Festival can provide a useful tool for carrier guidance for schoolchildren and networking tool connecting students and their future employers. ”

– Mr. Stephane Zweguintzow, Chairman of the JSC Enel Russia Board of Directors

Pinwheels - wind mills - wind farms

The Enel’s tent was easy to find in the chain of other participants: bright colors of Enel brand representing Open Power philosophy attracted adults and children to the tent where they were welcomed by the Company’s employees and assistants who told visitors about energy and entertained the guests.

While parents were busy listening to lectures about wind generation: benefits of renewable energy, wind farm design principles and future wind farm to be constructed here, their children were making small wind generators - pinwheels or weather vanes, as it was called in the past. Watching their kids creative activity a lot of adults also enjoyed making pinwheels using scissors and piece of paper.

Exploring the tent, visitors could learn about several ways to use wind energy: starting with a small pinwheel, favorite toy of all children, which starts rotating as soon as you blow at it, followed by a wind mill which served as an example of how our ancestors used wind power, coming to wind generator prototype or wind farm - modern environmentally-friendly was of energy generation.

Sustainable development - sustainable future

The most popular spot under the tent was the photoshoot area decorated with bright multicolored boxed with 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals printed on them. 

In 2015 Enel was one of the first companies publicly committed to make tangible and measurable contribution into achievement of these goals. 

We selected 4 main goals:

  • Quality education (Goal 4);
  • Affordable and clean energy (Goal 7); 
  • Jobs and economic growth (Goal 8);
  • Urgent measures to combat climate change (Goal 13). 


These are not mere promises, these are values. They are included into the Group’s strategic business plan.

And construction of wind farms is one of the consecutive steps on the way to fulfill the accepted obligations.

High-level visitors

The Rostov region authorities pay close attention to our wind farm construction. The attention is as great as great is their support. The project of Azov wind farm construction with installed capacity 90,09 MW is included into the Top-100 Governor’s Priority Investment Projects in Rostov region and is recognized as large investment project by the Decree of the Governor of Rostov region.

“In the field of wind energy we cooperate with three companies. Enel will be the first to commence implementation of the project”

– Mr. Mikhail Tikhonov, Minister of Industry and Energy of Rostov region

Together with Mr. Mikhail Tikhonov, Minister of Industry and Energy of Rostov region, our tent was also visited by Mr. Vitaly Kushnarev, Head of Rostov-on-Don Administration. 

“We are showcasing new technologies in energy efficiency which not only help us to save money but make our life more comfortable, warmer and better”

– Mr. Mikhail Tikhonov, Minister of Industry and Energy of Rostov region

#TogetherBrighter Festival unites energy companies of the region and the entire country in their desire to tell about energy efficiency, carriers in energy sector; it also incentives curiosity, convey you good vibes, gives you new emotions and educate you.


  • During the Festival we:
  • Gave 7 half-hour long lectures attended by over 100 people;
  • Helped to make 173 mini wind generators;
  • Gave out more than 1000 souvenirs!