Back to the future. KGRES opens its time capsule

Published on Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Time has always been the most intriguing mystery of the humanity. Can it be measured, stopped or stored? Over the centuries people were trying to find answers to this questions and always failed. They had passionate desire to learn how to travel in time and how to control time.  

Our parents, dreamers of 1960s, were obsessed with the same ideas while constructing KGRES power plant. This construction was declared to be the All-Soviet Union Top-Priority Communist project. Young people from all over the country used to come here. Engineers, drivers, machine and crane operators, erection specialist: all used to come here and stay in a tents or trailers. 

When long time back from now, in 1968, the power unit No. 6 was commissioned at the brand new power plant, young active communists wanted to share their happiness with future generations - children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren - and leave their legacy of wisdom, energy and power. Pursuing that goal, young people guided by Willy Andrevich Tido, Secretary of Komsomol organization for KGRES construction, placed a time capsule and told to open it 50 years later.  

And now we, being even bigger dreamers of today, have kept the promise and opened the capsule solemnly and reverently in 2018. There is a remarkable and symbolic fact that half a century later the time capsule embedded into one of the power unit walls was extracted by the same Willy Tido.  

It is also symbolic that the capsule did not change its form after 50 years of conservation and stored safely the manuscripts. It tell us about the construction of KGRES, about dreams and aspirations of people back then, what was their vision of 2018 generation and young people of the new era. Just like today, they didn’t want wars.  

“Dear descendants! You’ll be living in a better time when the word “war” will be forgotten and life will turn into a beautiful song. We are sure you all be good successors in this relay of generations. You’ll run the relay with flying colors”

– Address to the new generation

It was a genuinely exciting moment for everyone. We set off for a touching and thrilling journey into the past.  Veterans, guests and GRES employees were invited to the event hall of KGRES to follow the ceremony online. This direct transmission, this TV-conference symbolized the link between two generations. 

“We are proud that KRES power plant is the power plant which kept the time capsule, it represents the continuous connection between generations. Of course KGRES has seen many changes over these 50 years but there are values which transcend time and remain the same. Construction of KRES united hundreds of young people from all over the country who created the history. And today we have an amazing opportunity to touch the history”

– Director of KGRES Ilya Novozhilov

We decided to maintain this good tradition and hand it over to the next generation. A new capsule, containing wishes by power plant employees for their descendants, was placed at the same location. The capsule is planned to be open in 2068. Just wondering, what people will be like in another fifty years? Will they be worried by the same thoughts we are having now and our parents and grandparents had in 1968, the year happened recently and so long ago. 

Time will tell. The relay baton is taken over!