"Open Power": Creating the Future Today

Published on Friday, 14 September 2018

Together with Enel, electric vehicles are becoming more and more available in Russia.

Just a few years ago, electric vehicles were very rare in Russia. Their appearance on the streets was almost seen like a miracle. And of course, EV charging stations could be found nowhere, even in Moscow. However, even then, we were open to those ideas that brought new technologies into our lives and began to create an enabling environment for implementation of such ideas.

“With electric vehicles , the use of conventional fuel is reduced by almost 4 times and CO2 emissions are reduced by more than 2.5 times”

We learnt from our European and South American colleagues about e-mobility, V2G, charging infrastructure, and energy storage. At first, it seemed that these innovations will not take root in our country because of the too volatile climate and inexpensive conventional fuel . However, recently, we are actively implementing and receiving support for projects related to generation of renewable energy and use of eco-friendly technologies.

Ideas are born from courageous thinking

Along with development of e-mobility at the global level, the concept of electric car-sharing, proposed by a team from Enel Russia, won Enel's domestic competition "Innovations Cup". Our colleagues were inspired by the idea to develop a culture of using electric transportation in Russia, which combines convenience and accessibility, without causing harm to the environment.The idea was approved and supported by Enel Group management. Soon after at the Open Innovations Forum in Skolkovo, Enel's CEO Francesco Starace and the Russian Direct Investment Fund signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the development of electric car-sharing projects in Russia.

“To us, open power means being open to new technologies, new ways of working and new opportunities in the market”

Russia has become Enel's strategic platform for developing e-mobility projects.

For example, Enel acquired e-mobility solutions company eMotorWerks, which is going to localize production of electric charge based on its unique technology in Russia, while Enel X is already establishing its office in Skolkovo.

Open Power – energy for everyone

The world is about to transit away from gasoline to electric transportation. We are proud to have been involved in this process from the very first stages. Today, we continue to develop electric mobility and clean energy projects in Russia, Europe and South America. Much has been done but there is still a lot of work ahead, including changing the regulatory system and many regulatory documents.

In our Moscow office, we use an electric vehicle, showing by personal example  that the e-mobility era is here.

For example, General Director of Enel Russia, Carlo Palasciano, travelled for about 200 kilometres on the Enel electric car from our Moscow office to the Konakovskaya power plant without additional recharging.

“The Future is now. And we are driving the future”

– Carlo Palasciano, Enel Russia General Director

For instance, one small idea, which started with a local competition, has grown to a real concept at a national level, where many partners, start-ups and our stakeholders are involved.

We are sure the era of e-mobility in Russia is coming already.