Сhange the world by changing ourselves

Published on Thursday, 17 May 2018

Every year, we devote our traditional project "Open Plant" to one of the relevant topics on nature preservation and innovation development. 

The theme of this year’s event is "We Can Change The World By Changing Ourselves First". It is aimed at tackling important issues about the role of each person in life. Which kind of world would you like to live in? A happy, safe, clean and fair world? We are sure that no matter the kind of world you dream of, you can create it yourself – the only way to change the outside world is by changing the inner world. We can change the world by changing ourselves first. Create the world of your dreams without missing a single day.

“You can create the world of your dreams every day with your own hands – even a small step and action can take us closer to our goal”

Traditions of the future

 Open Plant is a project by global energy company Enel, which has existed in Russia since 2008. Every summer, Enel Russia's power plants – Reftinskaya, Sredneuralskaya, Konakovskaya and Nevinnomysskaya GRES – open their doors for one day to the public. Guests to the Open Plant event will be able to visit excursions, learn interesting facts about the history of plants by paying visits to museums. The event program includes master classes, competitions, scientific shows, sports competitions, trampolines, attractions, and many surprises.

 Our charity fairs, where guests will be able to buy handmade souvenirs, have become a good tradition of the Open Plant festival. Proceeds from the sale of crafts are sent to help children, who need medical treatment or are in a difficult life situation.

Dividing sustainable development goals

 Sustainable development goals are a collection of 17 important problems of our world. Some of them are the fight against poverty, quality education for all children, gender equality, safe ways of production and consumption that will help make the planet cleaner and healthier. We believe that overcoming these difficulties begins with each of us. This main idea is reflected in the motto "We can change the world by changing ourselves first". Everyone on Earth can make the world a better place! It's quite simple: you can start with small and fairly simple things by adding them to our daily duties. A little effort every day produces big effect for the entire world! 

So, this year we have dedicated the project platforms to several UN Sustainable Development Goals. For example, Zero Hunger (Goal #2), Quality Education (Goal #4) or Good Health and Well-Being for people (Goal #3). The name of the zone corresponds to a certain Goal.

“In every "world", guests will be able to learn more about the meaning of a particular sustainable development goal, and also what contribution everyone can make to achieve it”

Together with you, we will set off for the future to get acquainted with the sustainable development goals and learn how we can change our daily habits to trigger major changes in the world!

 Let's think about safety together

 Occupational safety, health of personnel and visitors to the power plant are Enel's key priorities. To protect our guests from potentially hazardous and harmful production factors, such as high outdoor temperatures and production noise, we ask everyone to observe simple safety rules. When inside shops with operating equipment, it is forbidden to take off one’s protective helmet from the head – it will protect you in the case of objects falling from a height or when you collide with protruding parts of equipment and structures. In places with high level of noise, hearing protection must be worn.

“Pay attention to signs and pointers”

Movement within the territory is allowed only in the company of a power plant employee. In this case, all his instructions must be followed, including during an emergency. It is forbidden to lag behind the employee or to deviate from the itinerary. When moving, you should be attentive and watch your step. Hold onto the railing when walking along a staircase and platforms.

 Come! It will be an interesting experience!

 As our guest to the event, you will be able to see with your own eyes how electricity is produced. Competitions and contests, a scientific and chemical show, and a team game dedicated to UN sustainable development goals are just a small part of the activities planned for the day.

 Open Plant-2018 is a great opportunity for a fascinating acquaintance. It provides a platform for the world of energy, a new program, and surprises!

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