PlayEnergy to Reveal Your Energy

Published on Tuesday, 17 October 2017

“Konakovskaya GRES is located in Tver Oblast, Nevinnomysskaya GRES in Stavropol Krai, while Reftinskaya and Sredneuralskaya GRES are located in Sverdlovskaya Oblast. The project was awarded a first-degree diploma as the best youth educational project in the electricity sector at the IV International Forum on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving ENES.”


Have you ever thought about the much electricity can do? Thanks to electricity, we can store food, heat water, communicate, light up schools, hospitals and cities, charge phones and do many other useful things. From the educational materials provided by Enel, schoolchildren can learn many new and interesting facts, and get ideas on how to create their own project. Works are accepted in different forms: models, presentations, drawings, videos, dances, music videos, sketches... The energy of game, the energy of creativity, the energy of the sun and wind – everything can become the main theme of the project.

The best works are selected in two age categories - junior (grade 5-8) and senior (grade 9-11). Based on the results of the regional stage, a panel of judges from each power plant determines the winning projects. These projects are sent to Moscow to the national panel of judges to determine the overall winners.


In September, award ceremonies for the winners of the eighth season of Play Energy were held at all Enel Russia’s power plants. Ural schoolchildren were the national and overall winners, who got the chance for a trip to Italy. Their project was submitted to the Reftinskaya GRES. Their work "Enelgizer – Vitamins Of The Future" was declared the best at the regional and national stages of the competition.

“All industrial solutions were born in people's minds. That’s why we think that the younger generation, who will replace us, will be more careful and more reasonable when it comes to preserving our natural resources”

– Stephane Zweguintzow, Chairman, Board of Directors, Enel Russia

Registration for the new season of the PlayEnergy 2017 project has now commenced. This time, there will be focus on innovative energy, defined by five key words – Efficiency, Cooperation, Innovation, Technology and Accessibility. Participants will be entertained with fascinating excursions to power plants. They will have a chance to learn something new from teaching materials provided by power engineers. The pupils will also work on projects in competition for the coveted prize.

Schoolchildren from Tver Oblast, Sverdlovskaya Oblast, and Stavropol Krai can participate in the project. Participate and win!

“In 2016-2017, 151 schools, 324 grades, 12,312 participants, and 500 projects all from Russia participated in Play Energy The motto for Play Energy-2017 is: "Open Your Energy"”