Enel Russia: In Harmony With Nature

Published on Monday, 5 June 2017

“For Enel Russia, protecting the environment and restoring nature’s biodiversity are key tasks that are harmoniously interwoven with our business objectives”

– Carlo Palasciano, Enel Russia General Director

We live in harmony with nature

Enel Russia's environmental initiatives are pieces of one big puzzle called "To live in harmony with nature". The green background of the bright image symbolizes the triumph of nature and transmits the breath of the Earth.

Breathe deeply!

The first piece of the puzzle is increasing production culture at all Enel Russia power stations: reduction of emissions, noise impact, and wastewater treatment. So, one of the company’s key activities in recent years has been the replacement of filters and introduction of a dry ash removal system at Reftinskaya thermal power plant.

Live, fish, big and small!

The second piece is good deeds aimed at restoring biological balance. So, fish protection devices are installed in the Reftinsky, Ivankovskiy and Isetsky reservoirs to prevent fish from entering the water intakes of stations. The next step is connected with the desire to revive the population of valuable fish species. For four consecutive years, the power engineers from Sredneuralskaya power plant have been releasing grass carp and silver carp into the Isetsky reservoir. During this time, over 186 thousand species filled up the ichthyofauna of the reservoir. Also, at the initiative of the Reftinskaya power plant in 2016, over seventy thousand juvenile sterlet fishes appeared in the Reftinsky reservoir.

Let own shores be always clean!

The third piece of the puzzle is deploying environmental "troops" to clean the territory and launching the "Clean Shores" campaigns. This year alone, over 20 tons of garbage was removed from the banks of reservoirs near our power plants!

Apple trees always blossom for good!

The fourth piece – landscaping of territories. This year, 130 young trees were planted by power engineers in the Urals. Two "energy" alleys appeared at once at the Reftinsky reservoir. The Sredneuralsk park was also not left behind: 60 bushes of mountain ash, lilacs, as well as apple trees and maples are now growing roots there.

Let’s hit the muddy roads with a bike ride!

The fifth piece: "Less cars, cleaner air!" – under this slogan, engineers from Konakovo power plant go for ecological bike rides in Konakovo pine forest. Colleagues from other regions are not lagging behind them either – real ecological bike festivals are taking place in Sredneuralsk. Caring for clean air, forest paths and coastal zones is a task that erases geographical boundaries.

Our children have a brighter and cleaner future!

Without the sixth piece, our puzzle will never form a whole. Here, we have environmental education: conducting thematic lessons and instilling the culture in our children through participation in international projects "Play Energy", "We Are Energy", and "Open Plant". Even babies from kindergarten are interested in experimenting, creating hand-made crafts made of natural materials, doing experiments and feeling themselves as protectors of the environment.

We declare universal environmentalization!

As you know, magic does not exist. But each of us can create small wonders every day. Removing trash from the banks of the reservoir, releasing juvenile fishes into the lake, saving small birds, sheltering the homeless kitten or planting a new tree are useful and pleasant things that make you feel you are involved in creating beauty and cosiness in your land. Be part of the Enel Russia team: think for tomorrow but act for today!