Safety begins with us: Enel Safety Week

Published on Monday, 19 December 2016

“We combine safety into a single system”

Safety Week in Russia

In 2016, Enel Russia held the 8th International Week for Safety and Health at Work. From November 14 to 18, we organized various events, seminars and trainings at all the branches of Enel Russia. These activities are aimed at developing safety skills and helping workers at work and in emergency situations.

The world is changing and time isn’t standing still. We care not only about our employees, but also about our future generations. That’s why this year, the event was attended by those in whose hands the future of the planet lies – our children.

Caring for people

Days are shorter in fall and so the body lacks vitamins during this season. Therefore, the Week for Safety and Health at Work began with a "vitamin day", which was held for the first time as part of the event. On this day, the company's employees were given fruits high in vitamin C – one of the most important vitamins responsible for the vitality and immunity of the body.

Apart from the delicious fruits, each employee received a special reflective wristband that can be quickly and easily fixed on the hand. Such a signal reflector will be ready and will help to avoid unpleasant accidents when crossing the road.

The World Through the Eyes of Children

Instilling in children the culture of safe behaviour and respect for the environment from an early age is very necessary. It is the responsibility of each of us today to transfer skills and abilities to children. Our small specialists took part in creative competitions "Labour Safety Through the Eyes of Children" and "In Every Picture – Safety".

The children created posters, portraits of energy specialist parents, they drew their fantasies and sketches on the theme "safety and environment". At the end of the competition, the winners were awarded commemorative prizes. As a bright memory, Enel Russia presented wristbands bearing the symbols of the International Week of Safety to the small environmentalists and safety fighters.

“Instilling in children the culture of safe behaviour and respect for the environment from an early age is very necessary”

Day for Safety and Health at Work

The traditional Workers' Memorial Day was held under the framework of the Week for Safety and Health at Work. At the company’s production branches, inspections on compliance with ergonomic requirements at workplaces were carried out, and safety rounds and meetings with labour protection personnel were held. Representatives of a company that supplies personal protective equipment held a lecture dedicated to the correct use and maintenance of personal protective equipment.

The participants also featured in additional trainings "Safety Excluding The Human Factor", "Stress Management", as well as a fire-fighting training with the participation of personnel from the power plant and contractors.