"The Energy of Art" – the Energy of a City

Published on Wensday, 21 September 2017

“If there is an opportunity to change the world for the better, we must certainly seize such. There’s no need to wait for someone to do it for us. We have to act! And it is in our power to draw everyone's attention to the need to care for the environment and the nature of our homeland, to preserve and increase the energy of life”

This is the motto for the “Energy of Art” project we implemented in Sredneuralsk town as part of the Year of the Environment. Under this project, we asked the residents of the town to transform the energy of nature into the energy of art by drawing sketches of a street art object dedicated to "Environment and Energy Efficiency".

“Street art is the art that keeps pace with the times. The art that asks us to look at the world around us in a different light. It is only few people that would remain indifferent to the artworks of street artists. Their art is beyond any boundaries. It speaks with us every day and from everywhere”

And the residents responded to our initiative.

During May, each resident could send his/her idea in the form of a drawing. We received 175 artworks within the month. Local schoolchildren and pupils from the Youth Center of Art and the School of Art actively participated in the project. Some students enjoyed creating so much that they sent several sketches. Interestingly, the youngest participant was only three years old.

On June 10, when the annual Open Plant Day is held at the Sredneuralskaya GRES, we organized a workshop for all who are interested in street art. Our guests learned about graffiti techniques and styles, saw how artists create drawings and learned about the right way to use painting tools. As a result of the joint work, one street art object was created in real time.

In so doing, Sredneuralsk residents got first-hand experience of how everyone’s creative energy transforms into the energy of art.

Some Few Words About the Winners

A 12-year old boy, Semyon Galkin, won the contest. The jury recognized his artwork as the best. Moreover, Semyon’s drawing gained the highest number of votes in the audience vote. Enel Russia picked the winners in other nominations as well. A 3-year old Sasha Tynkacheva won "The Youngest Project Participant" award. Ksenia Egorova took home the "The Most Elegant Energy" award. Irina Shirinkina’s work was recognized as "The Most Digital Sketch", while Marina Semgaikina won the prize for the "corporate spirit" of Enel Russia. The award ceremony was held on the Open Plant Day.

Street Art Stays Forever

Today, the street art object created during the contest and dedicated to the environment adorns the front of the Sredneuralsk municipal polyclinic building. The opening ceremony, which was held on June 24, attracted representatives from Enel Russia, Sredneuralsk city administration and the municipal polyclinic.

“We wanted an institution of high social significance to become a site for the sketch that would win the city contest, such as a healthcare institution. So the municipal polyclinic was not chosen by chance”

– Dmitry Geld, Deputy Director for Production, Chief Engineer at Sredneuralskaya GRES

The distinguished guests officially removed a veil from the plate, thereby initiating the tradition of street art in Sredneuralsk. The tradition has been gathering more and more followers – people, who are accustomed to perceiving the world as we do, caring about the environment and nature, creating and not destroying nature’s treasures.

Follow the link to watch the video from “The Energy of Art” contest.