Corporate volunteering

Published on Friday, 2 December 2016

Clean territory

On 16th September 2016, Enel Russia together with Dolina Ivolga recreation camp launched the “Clean territory” eco-initiative, which was set up as an eco-quest, and took place in a forested area of the camp. The initiative was attended by campers, students from Konakovo Energy College and by Konakovo GRES workers.

The quest participants teamed up, put on their outfits and set off to clean the area. The teams received a bonus for each bag of collected waste. Additional bonuses were awarded for correct answers to questions about environmental protection and drawings illustrating these issues. Quest winners received given diplomas and prizes.

“We chose that date for a good reason: In 1994, the UN General Assembly proclaimed 16 September as the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer”

The same eco-events are conducted to attract the attention of local communities to the need of protecting our environment. In taking these small steps, our company tries to achieve one of its’ primary goals: making our world better and cleaner, and fostering a culture of gentle attitude towards nature.   

Volunteer action with Charity Shop

For the second time, the employees of Enel Russia partook in a volunteer action implemented jointly with our partner Charity Shop: “Goodbye, winter… Spring cleaning in your wardrobe!” The funds raised from sales of clothes in Charity Shops were used to help orphaned children, finance educational programs for graduates of orphanages and disabled people, and support career guidance and employment programs for young people from disadvantaged social groups.

A special container was installed in our headquarters, where anybody taking part in the action could leave clothes and accessories in fair condition, or books in foreign languages. We managed to collect 115 kg of clothes or 460 articles. In addition to clothes and accessories, we donated brand new items, such as curtains, plate racks, rugs, wall lamps, candelabra and other household goods to those social centres. All this was made possible due to the growing number of Charity Shop partners who support the development of social business.  

The purpose of the action was not only to promote donation but also to attract the attention of our staff and of non-profit companies to the issue of sustainable development in our regions of presence, of circular economy and partnership aimed at creating new jobs to help people in need, capitalising on our “Open Power” strategy and on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Enel Russia thanks all its employees for their kindness, involvement and keen interest in corporate volunteering and plans to cooperate with Charity Shop in the future.