Reftinskaya GRES, located in the Urals, is a power plant operating with bituminous coal supplied from Ekibastuz coal basin in Kazakhstan. As coal is burned to generate electricity and heat, the power plant produces about 5 million tons of ash per year, a volume which must be stockpiled on dedicated secured land plots. Ash is not just a waste but a valuable raw material which is widely used as building material, in road construction, for open mine pits re-cultivation, or is reprocessed to extract valuable mineral components.

We are open and flexible to supply ash materials:

  • Fly ash
  • Ash and sludge mixture


Ash materials can be loaded either on road trucks or on railcars directly in Reftinskaya GRES.



Name of destination train station, railway

Maloreftinskaya station, Sverdlovskaya railway, operated at local railway approaching to Reftinskaya GRES

Station code


Branch railway line (local railway)

Local railway to Reftinskaya GRES

Postal address:

Reftinsky town, city of Asbest, Sverdlovsk region, 624285, Russia

Products with use of ash and slag:

  • gas ash bricks;
  • cement manufacturing;
  • production of dry building mixtures;
  • production of concrete and mortars;
  • production of concrete piece-goods;
  • road construction;
  • manufacture of ceramic products;
  • ash brick;
  • manufacture of mastics, sealants and paints;
  • ash unburned gravel;
  • reclamation of borrow pits.


Ash and slag price list:

  • Fly ash: 138,78 RUB / t, incl. VAT
  • Ash and slag mixture, 17.9 RUB / t, incl. VAT

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