Enel Russia uses a vendor qualification system in order to improve its procurement strategy and process.

The qualification process in Enel Russia aims to:

  • Create a unified base of reliable vendors in accordance with best practices and standards existing in the parent company - Enel Spa (Italy);  
  • Reduce procurement execution time by holding tender procedures (vendor quotations and offers) among qualified vendors only;  
  • Set up long-term and mutually beneficial relations when interacting with vendors.  
  • Any company may obtain a qualified vendor status after submitting an application to attend the qualification process held by Enel Russia.


A company wishing to get the qualified vendor status must demonstrate:   

  • Technical capabilities with respect to the selected material groups;
  • Financial and economic capacity (confirmed by positive balance sheet and profit and loss report of the company);
  • Absence of legal restrictions to conduct activities (tax, administrative or criminal nature) for both the company and its management;
  • Compliance with ethical principles of Enel;
  • Other requirements specified for different material groups.


New vendor registration

During the registration process, it is required to select a group from the list of groups, for which you would like to become a vendor for Enel Russia. After successful registration, the vendor will be included in the List of registered vendors of Enel Russia, and may apply for qualification.

You may pass registration and vendor qualification processes by using following link.