Safety in focus

The World Day for Safety and Health at Work is always an important event for the Enel Russia team and its contractors. This Day is an essence of all the efforts and aspirations of employees to ensure safe and favorable working conditions.

This year, the International Labor Organization has identified the main theme of the OSH Day - "Act together to build a positive safety and health culture."

The occupational safety culture is based on open dialogue, transparency, trust, mutual respect and involvement of all personnel in the constant maintenance of a high level of safety in the workplace and improvement of personnel protection methods. Reaching this level of culture allows employees to openly share their doubts, concerns, possible threats to their safety and health, or occupational risks. Management, in turn, takes the initiative to work with employees to find sound, effective and sustainable solutions to emerging problems.

For Enel Russia, a landmark document in the field of occupational health and safety is Stop Work Policy, which encourages the responsible and strong-willed behavior of each employee in relation to health and safety in the workplace and possible risks to the environment and prescribes to immediately intervene and stop any work that carries such risks. Independence, self-control and high responsibility of employees to each other allow us to further develop new approaches in the field of safety management and form a sustainable culture of labor protection.

Safety leadership was identified as one of the main resources for reaching a new level of safety behavior culture at Enel Russia. The goal for every employee is zero tolerance for risk. This approach is based primarily on the personal qualities and commitment of a person. But it also requires specific knowledge and skills to manage security risks. Enel Russia constantly develops practical exercises for employees and contractors to train and improve such skills.

Under the auspices of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, activities are carried out among various departments at the power plants that are aimed at protecting the health of personnel, ensuring industrial safety on the territory of the power plants and identifying existing and possible risks. For example, unscheduled briefings for staff, fire safety training, risks hunting, collective cleaning of safe pedestrian routes, and as a nice bonus - fruit vitamin kits for all employees.

The safety of personnel is an unconditional priority in the company, and people are the highest value that needs to be protected. It requires from each of us to be vigilant, caring and respectful towards ourselves and others in order to build a high culture of safety and health around us every day.