We are at #REW-2022

October 12-14, 2022 the V International Forum "Russian Energy Week" was held in Moscow, one of the main events of this year for the energy industry where the state together with the business discussed and analyzed trends of the global fuel and energy complex, main challenges faced by the energy sector of the economy and urgent problems of development.

The Forum with the participation of high-ranking officials of the Russian Federation and other countries, heads of the largest global and Russian energy companies added certainty to the current process of global transformation of the energy sector, the prospects of the Russian fuel and energy complex and the potential for international cooperation.

The main focus of the Forum's business program was on the global energy crisis caused, in particular, by the sanctions against Russia's fuel and energy complex. This was the topic of a special session "Russia's Fuel and Energy Complex under sanctions: helped or hindered?" where Zhanna Sedova, General Director of Enel Russia, participated. In her speech she paid attention to the peculiarities of the current sanctions regimes and spoke about the impact of western sanctions on the company's business, emphasizing the importance of import substitution and the need to save fleet life as a measure to support the industry.

The forum became a platform for discussion at the highest level of issues which are especially important for the business community in the field of energy. They include ways of adapting Russia to new conditions, the country's place in the global energy market, the energy transition and the fight against climate change, as well as the formation of the country's technological sovereignty.

At the session "Energy transformation in Russia: opportunities and challenges" Oleg Kosmenyuk, Deputy General Director and Generation Director of Enel Russia, spoke about the future direction of the company and noted that at this stage we have accumulated extensive experience in implementing and operating renewables projects which allows us to develop in this direction with due consideration of the needs of the energy system of Russia, as well as factors that stimulate environmental and socio-economic development of regions, and also continue to analyze the possibility of further development of steam-gas generation with the necessary characteristics in terms of reducing the carbon footprint and fuel utilization efficiency.

The simultaneous presence of the company in both the thermal and renewable energy segments is an effective mechanism for diversifying the business and creates prerequisites for the further development of the company in the interests of the state and regions as part of the tasks set for the development of the electricity and low-carbon economy, and shareholders and consumers of electricity and thermal energy.