Along with the wind

A year for the operation of a new power plant - is that much or not? The question is rather rhetorical. Every day in the life of Azov wind farm of Enel Russia is unique. From the first GWh of electricity produced and the constant coordinated work of all the wind farm personnel to taking one of the leading positions in the wind power market of the Rostov region – every life stage of the wind power plant fascinates and gives us a sense of pride and solidarity.

On May 1, 2022, exactly one year has passed since Azovskaya wind power plant was put into commercial operation. During this time, the wind farm has generated 266 GWh of electricity. And thanks to the power of wind and 26 wind turbines, it was possible to avoid emissions of 216,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Azovskaya wind power plant is comparable to a technological artwork: simplicity and elegance of lines, harmonious forms and smooth movements. This clean energy facility organically fits into the local landscape of the Taganrog Bay. The beauty of the wind farm attracts hundreds of residents, tourists, photographers, journalists and bloggers.

In addition to aesthetics, the plant was also designed and built with bird and animal migration routes in mind. In 2021, the Federal Research Center of the Southern Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences conducted research on the impact of Azov wind farm on the environment of the region, which confirmed the absence of a significant negative impact of the wind farm on the avifauna.

For one year of its service, Azovskaya wind power plant experienced all seasons and natural phenomena for the first time. During the entire period, the plant ensured risk-based compliance with all safety requirements among employees and contractors, and maintenance work on the plant equipment was carried out as planned. A lot of efforts were made by the team, and as a result, no emergencies, accidents or other potentially dangerous incidents were recorded at the plant.

The technological uniqueness of the wind farm is that it became the first wind power plant of the Unified Energy System (UES) of Russia, where the technology of remote control of both active and reactive power of generating equipment was introduced. Remote control of the reactive power of the plant creates an additional tool for emergency control and optimization of the electric power modes of the UES in the South due to the operational regulation of voltage levels at the nodes of the electrical network. Remote control also makes it possible to optimize the plant’s operational maintenance scheme without the need for constant presence of operational personnel at the spot. During the year of operation at the wind farm, there were no incidents with the loss of such control.

Azovskaya wind power plant is on the same wavelength with the Rostov wind - and they are a great team to achieve new goals in the field of clean energy.