Enel signed two deals on day one of SPIEF in Russia: one on renewables and another on innovation

Published on Thursday, 6 June 2019

  • Signed one MoU on renewables with AB InBev Efes and another MoU dedicated to innovation with RVC


Saint-Petersburg, June 6th, 2019 – Enel Russia signed today two Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) aimed at promoting renewable energy and innovation, within the framework of the St.-Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

“On day one of SPIEF we signed two agreements on areas in which our company is particularly active, namely renewables, a nascent sector for Russia, where Enel and other players are currently developing and building major projects, and innovation, which is now at the core of the strategy of every modern company. In the renewable segment, the agreement with AB InBev Efes follows two deals that we signed with the same leading brewer group on the US and Chilean markets, which contributed to strategically position Enel in the global market for corporate, renewable PPAs. When it comes to innovation, we are cooperating with startups in the most vibrant ecosystems in the world, including Russia’s, and we are proudly expanding our footprint in this ecosystem through our agreement with one of the major Russian players”

– Carlo Palasciano Villamagna, Enel Country Manager in Russia

Enel Russia signed an important agreement with AB InBev Efes, one of the leading players on the Russian beer market and subsidiary of AB InBev, the world’s largest brewing company.

  • To foster sustainability in its operations, AB InBev has made a commitment to purchase 100% of the electricity it uses from renewable sources and to reduce CO2 emissions across the company’s value chain by 25% by the end of 2025. The Enel Group, through its global business line Enel Green Power, intends to actively develop renewables in Russia. Therefore, Enel and AB InBev Efes are interested in exploring joint opportunities in renewable generation, and in evaluating the potential supply of green energy produced by Enel to AB InBev Efes facilities in Russia. Enel Green Power is currently supplying green energy to the AB InBev in United States and Chile.


Another important agreement was signed with Russian Venture Company JSC in the sphere of innovation:

  • Russian Venture Company JSC (RVC), a state fund and a development institute of the Russian Federation, which is playing an important role in building Russia's innovation ecosystem. Under this agreement the corporate accelerator GenerationS, which is part of RVC, will cooperate with Enel to scout for innovative startups in sectors relevant for the Group, such as energy, cleantech and artificial intelligence; industrial collaboration will be fostered with Enel while the Fund may carry out potential capital investments. Within the framework of this partnership, a joint contest on innovation projects is being launched today to connect Enel with the entire Russian innovation ecosystem and scout for the best advanced solutions, focused on three key areas: technologies aimed at making thermal generation cleaner and more efficient; solutions for a more efficient renewable generation and sustainability solutions related to circular economy, such as water recycling systems. The solutions developed by startups will initially be tested in Russia or in any of Enel’s testing facilities worldwide, and then, if proven successful, can be implemented in Enel’s operations at global level.

PJSC Enel Russia is a subsidiary of Enel Group. PJSC Enel Russia operates the following three gas power plants: Konakovskaya GRES, Nevinnomysskaya GRES and Sredneuralskaya GRES. The company’s total gross installed electrical capacity is 5,628.7 MW (equivalent to 5,255.4 MW net installed capacity) and thermal capacity is 2,032 Gcal/h. The company currently operates coal Reftinskaya GRES of 3,800 MW. Besides that PJSC Enel Russia implements three projects in the field of wind generation: Azovskaya WPP (90 MW), Kolskaya WPP (201 MW) and Rodnikovskaya WPP (71 MW). PJSC Enel Russia’s authorized capital is 35,371,898,370 roubles, which is divided into ordinary shares with a par value of 1 rouble. The Enel S.p.A. share in the company’s authorized capital is 56.43%, PFR Partners Fund I Limited’s share is 19.03%, Prosperity Capital Management Limited’s share is 7.68% and other minority shareholders’ share is 16.86%. PJSC Enel Russia shares are listed in Level 1 MICEX quotation list. The company was established in Yekaterinburg on October 27, 2004 as OJSC OGK-5. On July 7, 2009 by the resolution of Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting the company was renamed OJSC Enel OGK-5 and on August 8, 2014 the Federal Tax Service registered the new version of the company’s charter with the name OJSC Enel Russia. On June 25, 2015 the company changed its legal type and was renamed PJSC Enel Russia. You can follow the company’s news in social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.