Enel Russia obtained a Certificate of Readiness for the autumn-winter season 2022-2023

Moscow, November 9th, 2022 – PJSC Enel Russia obtained a Certificate of Readiness for operation in the heating season 2022-2023.

Obtaining of the Certificate of Readiness by PJSC Enel Russia was preceded by a comprehensive assessment of power plants of the company that was carried out in accordance with the new Methodology of Calculating the Index of Readiness of Power Plants for the Heating Season approved by the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation. According to this Methodology, each power plant of PJSC Enel Russia was assessed on the basis of the company's data within industry reporting, as well as data provided by the System Operator and Rostekhnadzor. Special attention in the process of assessing the readiness of plants for the heating season was paid to implementation of the maintenance program, technical condition of equipment, system and operational reliability, personnel readiness, fuel reserves and emergency response. In addition, the readiness assessment of facilities for the heating season was carried out by the company's internal commissions, as well as within inspections of Rostekhnadzor.

Based on the results of these checks, all power plants of the company: Konakovskaya GRES, Nevinnomysskaya GRES, Sredneuralskaya GRES and Azov wind farm commissioned in May 2021 were recognized as capable of carrying the autumn-winter maximum load. The preparatory works performed at the power plants were highly appreciated by the experts from the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation. Based on the assessment, the final readiness index of Enel Russia for the heating season is 99 (Ready).

“Reliable and safe operation of the power plants of Enel Russia is one of our priorities. Our power plants remain sustainable in all weather conditions due to our efficient solutions to improve safety at work, efficiency of the equipment and prudent use of resources in the process of production."

- Zhanna Sedova, General Director of PJSC Enel Russia

The company's power plants developed and implemented a package of measures aimed at ensuring system reliability and process safety during peak loads and at low outdoor temperatures. Scheduled maintenance, maintenance of buildings and structures were performed, the package of works on check and adjustment of heating systems of buildings, insulation and repair of glazing was carried out, the reserve of main, backup and ignition fuel was formed, the emergency reserve of spare parts and materials was completed. Hydraulic tests of the plant heating conduits, testing of the heating system for river-water pump house intake, steam heating system of circulation pump suction chambers, as well as maintenance and cleaning of fuel oil pump filters and heaters operating in the district heating scheme were carried out

In the course of preparation for the heating season, special attention was paid to readiness of personnel: training and testing of knowledge in terms of compliance with occupational health, industrial and fire safety standards were conducted. In the course of special emergency training with involvement of EMERCOM specialists and medical personnel the actions for correct response in emergency situations and at low temperatures were practiced on a quarterly basis. Provision of personnel with special clothing, special footwear and required personal protection equipment was checked at all power plants.

Enel Russia obtained a Certificate of Readiness for the autumn-winter season 2022-2023

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