Enel Russia holds annual General Shareholders’ Meeting

Moscow, June 15th, 2017 – The Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting of PJSC Enel Russia was held in Moscow today, and was attended by shareholders holding in aggregate 89.19 percent of the total voting stocks. The list of persons eligible to participate in the meeting was drawn up as of May 22nd, 2017.

Among the main issues on the agenda were the approval of the company’s annual report and annual financial statements for 2016, the approval of the distribution of profit (including the payment of dividends) and of the losses of PJSC Enel Russia on the results of 2016 financial year, and the election of its new Board of Directors and Internal Audit Commission.

“2016 was marked by important changes and our company achieved significant results. The strategic decisions we have taken have in fact enabled us to gain strength and resilience and led us to solid delivery that allows us to begin to distribute dividends again and to implement an already increased payout of 55% versus previous 40%, thus ensuring stable remuneration for our shareholders”

– Carlo Palasciano Villamagna, General Director of PJSC Enel Russia

The Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting approved the annual report and the annual financial statements of the company for 2016. Acting on a proposal by the Board of Directors, the Shareholders’ Meeting approved the distribution of dividends totalling around 2.4 billion RUR or 0.06822 RUR/share, with that amount corresponding to 55% of the company’s IFRS net ordinary income for 2016. The Assembly set June 28th, 2017 as the Dividend Record Date.

PJSC Enel Russia’s Shareholders’ Meeting elected a new Board of Directors composed of 11 members:

  • Stephane Zweguintzow
  • Roberto Antonio Enzo Deambrogio
  • Marco Proietti
  • Marco Fragale
  • Rodolfo Avogadro Di Vigliano
  • Gerald Joseph Rohan
  • Giuseppe Luzzio
  • Laurent Nicolas Souviron
  • Tagir Sitdekov
  • Denis Mosolov
  • Alexander Arthur John Williams

The Meeting also elected the company’s Internal Audit Commission and appointed Limited Liability Company Ernst & Young as PJSC Enel Russia’s auditor.

The Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting approved an amended version of the Company Charter and the procedure for convening and holding meetings of the company’s Board of Directors. The amendments regard the improvement of PJSC Enel Russia’s corporate governance in line with the Code of corporate governance recommended by the Central Bank of Russian Federation.