PreCOP26: African youth makes recommendations to high-level institutions and policy makers for future decisions on energy and climate change

Published on Tuesday, 5 October 2021

“Today’s youth is called to undertake an unprecedented revolution, making real the energy transition and its positive outcomes in terms of jobs, wealth, health and equality. Giving young changemakers access to capacity building, policy dialogue and bottom-up initiatives is the only way to truly make them owners of their future.”

– Salvatore Bernabei, CEO of Enel Green Power and President of RES4Africa Foundation

“Women’s empowerment and leadership in the energy sector could help accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy by promoting clean energy and more efficient energy use, as well as help to tackle energy poverty. The “just transition” should also include a gender perspective, to guarantee equal opportunities for both men and women in the workforce.”

– Meseret Teklemariam Zemedkun, Head of the Energy Unit at the United Nations Environment Programme

“In order to tackle climate change, we must move jointly, as no stand-alone action will have an effective impact. We are called to reason in a new way and to think as a global «us», not anymore as single entities.”

– Finally Giampaolo Silvestri, Secretary General of AVSI Foundation

RES4Africa Foundation (Renewable Energy Solutions for Africa) is a Foundation that operates in support of Africa’s just energy transition. Its mission is to work towards creating favourable conditions for scaling up investments in clean energy technologies in the continent. Functioning as a bridge between Europe and Africa, RES4Africa envisions the sustainable transformation of the continent's electricity systems to provide reliable and affordable electricity access, enabling job creation and socio-economic progress of all African businesses and societies.

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