Kolskaya WPP awarded the status of a strategic investment project of Murmansk region

Published on Monday, 12 July 2021

“Kolskaya WPP is a truly unique project. The strategic investment project in the Murmansk region that we receive today is a recognition of its special importance for the company and for the region. We expect that the supporting actions, which we agreed about today, will facilitate project implementation and will benefit the power and economic potential of the Murmansk region.”

– Enel Country Manager in Russia Stephane Zweguintzow

“The development of green energy and the construction of the largest wind farm beyond the Arctic Circle are of fundamental importance for the government of the Murmansk region. On the one hand, it means investments, which are estimated at 23 billion rubles, on the other hand, it will bring modern technologies. In fact, I hope that the Kola wind farm will create a new technological basis here in the North. And the production of hydrogen, which can be potentially set up in our territory, will provide new economic opportunities. Today’s conclusion of agreement records previously reached agreements. I look forward to further developing our cooperation, especially in education.”

– Murmansk region governor Andrey Chibis

19th September 2019, the construction of Kolskaya WPP in the Kola district of the Murmansk region started. Its installed capacity is 201MW, and nowadays it is the largest wind farm beyond the Arctic Circle in Russia under construction. The wind farm will be able to generate around 750 GWh per year, avoiding the emission of around 600,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year. The wind facility will consist of 57 turbines covering a 257-hectare area.