Berkeley Haas сase study on Enel X digital transformation wins 2021 Best Case Award

Published on Thursday, 27 May 2021

“We are honored that the story of Enel X received this prestigious award from an institution as renowned as the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. The success story of Enel X is a striking example of what happens when there is foresight and confidence in technological development: the eMobility revolution is a stepping stone on the path towards an electrified world, which is increasingly in need of value-added services that can satisfy the needs of each individual energy stakeholder.”

– Francesco Venturini, CEO of Enel X

“The study "Enel X - Driving Digital Transformation in the energy sector" represents an enormous learning opportunity on how a company can successfully integrate the push towards innovation within its business strategy. Enel X is a prime example of how digitalization and technological innovation can become a key element in a company’s business model, driving growth and investment choices.”

– Henry Chesbrough, Faculty Director of the Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley

The case study tells the story of Enel X since its inception, as a spin-off from the parent company Enel  focused on the certainty that electric mobility would soon become an integral part of our everyday lives, together with digital services that lead the company to segment into its main product channels: eMobility, eHome, eCities and eIndustries. The study also examines the company’s ability to self-finance its transformation, as well as the opportunity to manage a wide number of legacy businesses.

The Berkeley Haas Best Case Award recognizes the case study published in 2020 that has made the most significant contribution to management education. This study was selected by the faculty and students of the Haas School of Business. The Berkeley Haas Case Series is a collection of business case studies, which are conceived, developed and written by faculty members at the Haas School of Business, and published throughout the year, on subjects ranging from entrepreneurship and strategy to finance and marketing.

Enel X is Enel Group’s global business line offering services that accelerate innovation and drive the energy transition. A global leader in the advanced energy solution sector, Enel X manages services such as demand response for around 6 GW of total capacity at global level and around 100 MW of storage capacity installed worldwide, as well as 195,000 electric vehicle charging points made available around the globe[1]. Through its advanced solutions, including energy management, financial services and electric mobility, Enel X provides each partner with an intuitive, personalized ecosystem of tech platforms and consulting services, focusing on sustainability and circular economy principles in order to provide people, communities, institutions and companies with an alternative model that respects the environment and integrates technological innovation into daily life. Each solution has the power to turn decarbonization, electrification and digitalization goals into sustainable actions for everyone, in order to build a more sustainable and efficient world together.

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[1] Public and private charging points. It includes interoperability points.