Enel's “Gestori di Cuore”, standing by colleagues with chronic illnesses

Published on Tuesday, 11 May 2021

“Through the MaCro@Work Caring Program, we aim to offer a simple and highly valuable solution to support colleagues who are dealing with chronic illness, a complex situation to manage also due to the potential repercussions on their professional life. And we want to manage this situation together. This program, with the Gestori di Cuore, is indicative of a new corporate culture that focuses on empathy and the care of people, enabling them to have a positive, constructive and inclusive working life, and allowing everyone's talent to bloom.”

– Guido Stratta, Enel's Head of People and Organization

The heart of the MaCro@Work Caring Program is the network of Gestori di Cuore, Enel's People Business Partners who have voluntarily signed up for the program and received dedicated training to enable them to offer an empathic ear and support for colleagues with chronic illnesses, their managers and the people who work with them. A Gestore di Cuore, while fully respecting privacy, can offer support for colleagues in identifying the best ways they can reach work-life balance. They are "facilitators" in relation to regulatory matters, access to services and the activation of management activities over time for colleagues who use the service. The aim of these figures is to better support colleagues in re-adapting their work based on how their health conditions progress.

The program, which is inspired by the results of inter-company research of which Enel was a part of and a survey involving over 6 thousand people in the company directly or indirectly affected by chronic illness, stems from Enel's awareness of the ethical and social relevance that health has in the workplace and the Group's growing focus on the issues of diversity and inclusion.