Insead’s Case study on Enel Innovability® strategy wins at Case Awards 2021

Published on Tuesday, 2 March 2021

“It is an honor that Enel’s success story in integrating innovation and sustainability into its business model contributed to INSEAD’s achievement in what are considered the 'Oscars' of the case method community Enel’s Innovability® goal is to foster innovation and sustainability to create value for our Group and all of our stakeholders. It is a true story of shared value creation that allows us to lead the energy transition. If we want to make the energy sector fully sustainable, we need to keep pushing innovation in the sector. Sustainability is our goal and innovation is the means to get there.”

– Ernesto Ciorra, Head of Innovability® at Enel

“It has been an incredible opportunity and privilege to write and now teach this case study about Enel’s Innovability®. We had ample access to its top executives and could document in detail how Enel has been a pioneer in using open innovation as a key tool to lead the transition to a more sustainable energy sector. The case is full of insightful quotes, has many tables and charts and students love to watch the videos with the case protagonists. I believe many companies from different sectors have a lot to learn from Enel’s Innovability® approach.”

– INSEAD Professor Felipe Monteiro

INSEAD’s case study explores the period starting from Francesco Starace’s appointment as Enel CEO in 2014, examining the Group’s developments in its dual goals of sustainability and innovation, which the company calls ‘innovability®’. The case study shows how the implementation of these two strategic pillars, boosted by the 'open innovation' approach, the Group’s innovation hubs, the use of crowdsourcing platforms and the investments in digitalization, among other things, helped Enel becoming one of the world’s leading integrated electricity and renewable operators across five continents.

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