Enel X extends another year of secured long-term revenue to Polish customers with 2025 capacity market auction result

Published on Thursday, 4 February 2021

“We are delighted to extend both our market leadership and the revenue opportunity for our existing and new customers yet another year with this recent award. Already over 140 Polish commercial and industrial businesses across a wide variety of sectors trust Enel X to help them access and maximize this market opportunity, and we look forward to welcoming more into our portfolio. Equally, we are excited to remain a critical support of the Polish grid system as it transitions to the future.”

– Francesco Venturini, CEO of Enel X

Enel X has provided DR services to the Polish market since 2017. Since then, the share of DR as a system resource is growing to nearly 4% of the country’s total capacity. Enel X recently reapproved DR as a reliable resource, now to the Polish grid system, passing the first-ever Capacity Market performance test with its portfolio of over 140 customers as part of preparation for the 2021 launch.

DR is a sustainable, cost-effective measure for meeting growing electricity demand through the more efficient use of existing energy infrastructure. DR programs leverage the flexible power consumption of commercial and industrial business to help bolster the security of the national power supply. These programs pay participants a remuneration for their availability to response to a rare grid system emergency. DR also helps facilitate the integration of renewable generation onto electricity grids.

Enel X holds the leading position in DR programs globally, with over 6 GW of capacity currently managed in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

Enel X is Enel's global business line dedicated to the design and development of products and services focusing on the principles of sustainability and circular economy to provide people, communities, institutions and companies with solutions that respect the environment and incorporate technological innovation into daily life. The company is a global leader in advanced energy solutions, manages services such as demand response for around 6 GW of total global capacity and has approximately 116 MW of installed storage capacity worldwide, as well as being a leader in the electric mobility sector, with over 170,000 public and private charging points for electric vehicles made available worldwide.

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