Enel X and FCA sign partnership agreement to boost E-mobility

Published on Tuesday, 18 June 2019

“Partnerships like this one, bringing together the energy utility sector and the car manufacturing industry, are of paramount importance to boost electric mobility which is a key driver in the energy transition. We are committed to pooling our global experience in advanced energy services with FCA’s renowned expertise in car manufacturing to develop new solutions and business models pushing innovation in e-mobility. This partnership perfectly fits within Enel X’s strategy which includes plans for the deployment of public charging networks in Italy, Spain and Romania and several partnerships with public administrations and private players to accelerate the e-mobility revolution”

– Francesco Venturini, Head of Enel X

A full range of Enel X smart charging solutions, including stations and charging management software, will be provided to FCA’s plants, offices and R&D centers. In particular, FCA plans to install approximately 700 Enel X charging stations over the next two years at its premises in Italy.

Enel X charging solutions will also be installed at FCA’s dealerships in Italy, Spain and Portugal, including customer parking, test-drive and service areas. In addition, Enel X and FCA will provide dedicated e-mobility training programmes to the sales force and other personnel at FCA’s dealerships. 

Starting from 2020, FCA’s EV customers in Italy, Spain and Portugal will be given the option of installing an Enel X charging point (“JuiceBox”) tailored to their specific requirements, including a range of charging services, and alternatively solutions for charging on the public network. Enel X will support FCA customers with the preliminary feasibility assessment and installation of the JuiceBox, as well as providing ongoing management and maintenance throughout the life of the vehicle and the charging point. Enel X and FCA will also work together to provide customers with a user-friendly app solution for charging management. 

To strengthen their partnership and accelerate innovation in e-mobility, Enel X and FCA will launch an innovative charging programme by establishing an innovation committee aimed at jointly designing, experimenting and testing new services and product upgrades for the different markets of reference, leveraging on the charging assets installed at FCA premises managed through the Enel X e-mobility management platform.