Enel, System Operator and Moscow School of Management Skolkovo signed memorandum on experience sharing in the field of demand response initiative in Russia

Published on Tuesday, 26 March 2019

“The signing of this memorandum gives us an opportunity to provide best demand response practices to the Russian market, enabling commercial and industrial consumers to access the dispatching services market by modulating their own energy consumption. The cooperation with the System Operator and SKOLKOVO Moscow Business School aims at developing this system on the Russian market, allowing for greater flexibility and network stability”

– Carlo Palasciano Villamagna, Enel Country Manager in Russia

“Demand response study is a cutting edge research field which is gaining ever more attention worldwide and is still underestimated in Russia. The key feature of what could be achieved by demand response is the possibility to give the consumers a role in the management of electricity usage and by doing so to distribute the energy in the most rational way, to save the energy resources and to make the energy sector more efficient than at present. This is a great signal for the energy industry that Enel, one of the leading energy companies worldwide, is going to promote the studies on demand response in Russia, and we at the SKOLKOVO Energy Centre are delighted to share our expertise with the company in this new, perspective field”

– Tatiana Mitrova, Director of SKOLKOVO Energy Centre, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

Demand response programmes are intended to encourage end users to adjust their power consumption to facilitate the stabilisation of the grid when requested by the system. Active demand response ensures greater grid flexibility that can lead to more efficient use of the energy infrastructure, helping to guarantee grid security and contain electricity prices. These programmes pay the participants an annual fee in exchange for their availability to respond to possible grid emergencies.