Enel CEO speaker at ninth assembly of the International Renewable Energy Agency

Published on Tuesday, 15 January 2019

“The accelerating evolution of technology is a strong force driving the transformation of the world energy systems. Renewable energy growth is emerging clearly as one important trend in this evolution, together with the deep digitalisation of distribution networks. Technology however is not the only dimension to consider. Companies that wish to succeed in this transition need to embed sustainability and inclusiveness into their business processes and do so in an ever fragmented and fast-moving world. The work of IRENA in these past eight years has significantly contributed to highlighting the nexus between innovation and sustainability in the energy industry of the future”

– Francesco Starace, CEO and General Manager of Enel

The roundtable on transformative innovation was informed by the conclusions of IRENA’s Innovation Landscape Report, and explored how innovation has shaped the engagement of different players, how to best adapt to the changes brought on by these advancements, and what actions are needed from stakeholders against the backdrop of the energy transition. 

IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency) is an intergovernmental organisation, which was founded following the initiative of Germany on January 26, 2009, to support the use of all forms of renewable energy. In October 2018, the organization counted 159 member states and the European Union. 
Another 26 countries are in the process of joining.

IRENA brings together industry decision makers (member states, regulators, industry players, manufacturers) to exchange views on how to accelerate the deployment of renewables at the national, regional and international levels, and works to help countries transition towards a sustainable energy future. 

Enel is committed to develop renewable energy sources, as well as to perform research and development in the field of new eco-friendly technologies. The company's asset portfolio includes 42 GW of renewable energy capacity. In Russia, we are currently implementing projects for the wind farms construction in the Murmansk and Rostov regions, with an installed capacity of 201 MW and 90 MW, respectively.