Winners of the tenth season of Play Energy in Russia

Published on Monday, 28 January 2019



Junior age category, grades 5-8  






1st place  





NGRES, “Energy of Zeus” (Gymnasium No. 10 LIK, Nevinnomyssk)  






2nd place  





KGRES, “Multi-Charger for Vehicles” (school No. 9, Konakovo) 






3rd place  





RGRES, “Piezoenergy and its Application” (Reftinsky village, school. No. 17) 






Senior age category, grades 9-11  






1st place  





NGRES, “Village of My Dream” (MBGEI school No. 16, Nevinnomyssk) 






2nd place  





SUGRES, “Anti-Stress House” (school No. 31, Sredneuralsk) 






3rd place  





KGRES, “Energy of Life” (Konakovo Energy College, Konakovo) 






Special nominations (grades 5-8) 











KGRES, "Wind and Solar Energy – into the Energy of Movement!” (School No.4, Konakovo) 











KGRES, “Energy of Waste Water” (school No. 1, Redkino town) 






In the field of sustainable development 





SUGRES, “SmartBox” (School No. 6, Sredneuralsk) 






Special nominations (grades 9-11) 











NGRES, "Wind Turbines" (Nevinnomyssk Energy College, Nevinnomyssk) 











RGRES, “Home of Our Dream” (School No. 4, Asbest) 











RGRES, "Smart Island" (school No. 15, Reftinsky village) 






In the field of sustainable development 





RGRES, “School of the Future” (Asbest Boarding School, Asbest) 






Volunteer Initiative 





RGRES, “Formula of Good” (Polytechnic School, Asbest)  




For ten years of the existence of Play Energy in Russia, the projects submitted by Nevinnomysskaya GRES have become winners of the national stage of the competition two times. The authors of the works had the opportunity to visit Italy and attend the international award ceremony, standing on the same stage with peers from other countries of Enel presence.  

Throughout the project, the inspirers and assistants to the project participants were employees who set the children on the right path of development. With the help of open lessons, excursions and tips, the students found their own unique idea for creating a project. 

During the preparation process, participants were given the opportunity to visit power plants and ask all existing questions to technical specialists. As part of Play Energy-2018, 28 excursions to the company's power plants were conducted, and the personnel held 13 open lessons for inspiration and unleashing the participants’ potential. 

For the tenth time, the PlayEnergy project helps participants from Ural, Tver Region and Stavropol Territory to unite with their peers from other countries of Enel presence for the common goal of creating something new and unique in the power industry. 

Let us remember that the participants of the anniversary Play Energy-2018 were offered 5 inspiration ideas for creating their projects: E-Home, E-Mobility, E-City, E-Power, E-World. Projects in the "Sustainable Development" and "Volunteer Initiative" nominations were also marked. 

It should be noted that due to the popularity and relevance of the competition held in 2015, the Play Energy project won a diploma of the 1st degree of the All-Russian competition of youth development and educational initiatives in the energy sector in the “Best practices of Russian and FEC companies in the development and implementation of educational, vocational and motivational projects for secondary school students, students of higher educational institutions and young professionals (under 35 years old)” nomination within the framework of the Youth Day of the ENES 2015 IV International Forum.