Enel X and Infracapital launch energy services platform for business clients

Published on Friday, 21 December 2018

“Through this partnership we are continuing to pursue our growth strategy in the field of advanced energy efficiency solutions in Italy, while securing the support of one of the world’s leading financial partners. Our aim is to expand this business model globally, offering technologically advanced services that are tailored to the needs of all potential customers”

– Francesco Venturini, Head of Enel X

In line with the agreement, Enel X will continue to fully operate the CHP (Combined Heat and Power) plants due to its expertise in the cogeneration and tri-generation sector as well as in Italy’s energy efficiency market. Enel X will also provide a set of integrated services to end customers, ranging from the assessment of energy needs to the implementation and management of high-efficiency technical solutions to optimise energy consumption. The significant financial resources that Infracapital is due to make available will enable final customers to carry out investments in state-of-the-art energy solutions, aimed at making power consumption and infrastructure more efficient.

Cogeneration systems ensure the combined production of electricity and heat in a single plant, while tri-generation systems couple the generation of electricity and heat with the production of cold air or water. In both cases, the advantages for end customers include reducing the costs of the energy produced while increasing the quantity available, significantly reducing management costs as well as those for the reduction of environmental impact due to lower emissions of pollutants and residual heat in the air. The partnership will also offer innovative solutions in the energy storage and flexibility field, to provide network services.