Enel X provides energy storage solution to Canadian company Amhil North America 

Published on Friday, 13 July 2018

“Our customized energy storage system will help Amhil optimize its energy usage and costs, expand its existing demand response program, as well as boosting the energy resilience of its local food packaging facility. Enel X provides tailored, integrated solutions that meet the specific energy needs of corporate partners and that can be scaled to fit their businesses”

– Michael Storch, Head of Enel X in North America

Under the terms of the agreement, Enel X will purchase, install and operate the battery on behalf of Amhil North America, and share the savings which are expected to be created by Enel X DEN.OS1 optimization software that controls the battery. The DEN.OS platform will analyze Amhil’s energy consumption patterns and execute a control strategy to maximize total economic value from all available value streams. Enel X will also provide demand management services and enroll the energy storage system in IESO’s2 demand response program.

“Amhil North America is committed to sustainable business practices, both in our products and the resources needed to produce them. For years, we have taken a proactive approach to managing and optimizing our energy usage, particularly during peak periods. With the new energy storage facility, we will benefit from significant cost savings, additional demand response revenues, all while reducing our overall energy dependence”

– Mark Johnston, VP Manufacturing of Amhil North America

The lithium-ion storage project expands upon Amhil North America’s existing relationship with Enel X, as a demand response customer through EnerNOC, Ltd. since 2010. With the addition of the energy storage system, Amhil is expected to see enhanced benefits from its demand response program, while adding financial savings from managing peak charges. The storage system is due to be deployed in the second half of 2018, and is aimed at helping Amhil save 20% in energy expenditure over the life of the 11-year contract.

Demand response programs pay large energy consumers, such as manufacturing facilities, data centers, and commercial real estate companies, to adjust their power consumption, with the aim to stabilize the grid. Demand response provides greater grid flexibility, stability, and more efficient use of power infrastructure, with a view to help maintain electricity prices as low as possible for all consumers.

The Enel X storage system can create additional value by optimizing the use of the battery for IESO’s wholesale demand response program. The energy intelligence software, DEN.OS allows Amhil North America to monetize its energy storage system by participating in the IESO program, which pays large energy consumers for being on standby ready to reduce their electricity consumption in response to grid system needs, as well as providing incremental payments if and when they are dispatched. By tapping into the energy stored in the battery, Amhil North America can reduce its energy consumption when required by the grid to contribute to its stability, without any impact on the company’s overall operations.

With this new system, Enel X expands its energy storage footprint in Canada. Earlier this year, Enel X launched its first energy storage project in Canada, a 1 MWh lithium-ion behind-the-meter battery system at Algoma Orchards in Ontario. 

Enel X, through EnerNOC Ltd., has been present in Ontario, Canada since 2008 and is currently the largest commercial and industrial aggregator of demand response in the province with about 200 MW across approximately 400 customer sites. The Enel Group’s renewables subsidiary Enel Green Power North America, Inc. has recently been awarded two wind projects in Canada, 115 MW Riverview and 30.6 MW Phase 2 of Castle Rock Ridge, both to be built in Alberta. The company already operates two wind farms in the Country, 76.2 MW Castle Rock Ridge in Alberta and 27 MW St. Lawrence in Newfoundland.