Successful conduct of business is impossible without the well-being of local communities and territories where our power plants are located. For our Company, sustainable development means delivering value to all our stakeholders.

We strive to live up to people’s expectations and comply with the requirements imposed by changes in the outside world. Being a large power producer interacting with such areas as business and governance, health, safety, environment and social support, we fully acknowledge our responsibility and have determined actual interaction areas within the sustainability plan for 2016-2020:

Business and Governance:

  • Governance based on trust, ethical conduct and respect of human rights;
  • Achieving stable financial results;
  • Creation of economic and financial value;
  • Operational performance improvement.


Health, Safety, Environment and Quality:

  • Occupational health and safety;
  • Mitigation of environmental impact;
  • Efficient use of water resources;
  • Conservation of biodiversity.



  • Human capital management, personnel development and motivation;
  • Compliance with the principle of equal opportunity;
  • Responsible attitude to the needs of local communities;
  • Transparency and the impartiality of the procurement system.


The concept of “creating shared value” is an important aspect of business conduct for the Company and local community, which encourages us to apply innovative approaches and seek new opportunities in addressing emerging social issues.