Enel Russia plays a special role in facilitating sustainable development in the regions of its operations -  South Federal District, Central Russia, including the city of Moscow, Moscow and Tver regions, and the Urals. We provide jobs to thousands of Russian citizens — both for our own employees and employees working for contractors. We strive to engage the most of the labour and creative potential of our employees, and build up corporate solidarity and commitment to the Company’s interests.

Besides being a conscientious taxpayer, we support local communities, citizens and organisations in accordance with our Local Community Support Program, part of the Country sostainability plan approved every year by the Company’s Board of Directors. This Program is being created together with state and municipal institutions, local communities and social organizations and  aimed at supporting such areas as healthcare, education, children's sports, art, and the improvement of the urban infrastructure. We also support programs for people with disabilities, the development of social entrepreneurship, the caring for veterans, etc.

The “creating shared value” concept is now becoming a basis for implementation of the projects. Working with local communities, the company (and the residents of the cities in which it operates), gains new opportunities when developing joint initiatives.

The Company pays great attention to the projects aimed at environmental issues, enhancing the level of availability of public places and urban areas for people with disabilities, development of social entrepreneurship skills, and care for resources.

Employees of PJSC Enel Russia actively participate in voluntary social projects for fundraising and collection of clothes for orphanages and specialized charitable organizations needing support. The Company's employees organize thematic lessons at schools and other educational institutions, where they share experiences, teach children to care about the environment and the ecology of the cities in which they live.

Implementation of social projects is closely linked to the UN sustainable development goals, contribution to the achievement of which is made both by the Enel Group and PJSC Enel Russia, namely:

Goal 4 - quality education;

Goal 7 - affordable and clean energy;

Goal 8 - decent work and economic growth;

Goal 11 – sustainable cities and communities;

Goal 13 - climate action.

If you have an ideas and proposal for the implementation of a social project, you can send the completed form to: sustainability.russia@enel.com. Priority when selecting objects to provide charitable assistance is given to the projects that:

  • are implemented in the regions, where the Company’s branches operate;
  • meet the UN sustainable development goals, supported by the Company;
  • aim to create shared value for the Company and the local community.



April, 28 2019

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