Our Corporate governance is based on the following principles:


The Code of Corporate Governance provides for accountability of the Board of Directors of the Company to all the shareholders in accordance with the legislation in force, and is a governing document for the Board of Directors in issues related to strategy planning, administration and control over the Company’s executive bodies.


The Company undertakes the task of protecting the rights of its shareholders and treats all shareholders on an equal basis. The Board of Directors enables all shareholders to receive efficient protection in case their rights are violated.


The Company shall provide timely disclosure of credible information on all the material facts related to its activities, including information on its financial situation, social and environmental performance, results of activities, ownership and management structures; the Company shall also provide free access to such information for all the stakeholders.


The Company acknowledges the rights of all the stakeholders envisaged by the legislation in force, and aims at cooperation with such parties in order to provide steady development and ensure the financial stability of the Company.