Birth of Heat and Light

“Open Plant” is a global project of the Enel Group, which has been ongoing since 2008. Every year, our usually highly-secured power facilities opens their doors to everyone interested during one summer day. Each participant of the “Open Plant” event can attend guided tours to the power plant, see the process of power production from the “inside”, as well as learn many interesting historical facts by visiting the local museum. Each and every year, thousands of people visit our power plants located near the cities they live in. Thus, more than ten thousand people participated in the event this year in Russia.

Hand-Made Miracles

Our guests also participate in entertainment programs held on  dedicated sites near to the power plants. Every year the “Open Plant” event is devoted to a single theme, which becomes the leitmotiv of the holiday at all the branches. In 2016, for example, the guests were told about Open Power, the new global mindset and strategy of the Enel Group that gave  life to a new corporate identity and logo. Regardless of the theme of the “Open Power Plant” event, all guests participate in a rich entertainment program: master classes, competitions, scientific shows, sports competitions, trampolines, fun and games, free ice cream and many surprises.

Disseminating  the culture of safe behaviour in one’s workplace and everyday life is one of the Company’s main priorities. We take the opportunity of our “Open Plant” project to teach to our young visitors how to follow the traffic safety rules. The “Safe Wheel” competition, organized by our colleagues together with traffic police inspectors,  is designed to achieve this aim. In the course of the competition, the kids complete an obstacle course with bikes and refresh their knowledge of traffic rules.

Charity fairs, where you can buy handmade souvenirs, are now an integral part of the “Open Plant” project. Funds raised from the sale of handcrafts are sent to support children in need of treatment or in difficult life situations.